Planetary Movements

Each planet that enters a zodiac sign has something special to give. A gift of learning, growth,mental expansion,reality, and enlightenment. These planets are here to guide

Jupiter 2015

Jupiter is known as the planet of Luck. Jupiter is involved with religion,philosophy,morals,travels, and higher education. Jupiter is also a planet that judges us to get on the right path. Success and Wealth is indicated in Jupiter. It takes Jupiter 12 years to circle the zodiac. This means Jupiter is in 1 astrological sign a year and July 2014 - August 2015 Jupiter is in Leo!

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter had entered Leo on July 16,2014 and will leave Leo on August 11,2015. Leo, is a zodiac sign who is known to be very brave, courages, caring, and reliant. However, Leo is one who like to plan to future and finances are a big part of that future plan. At times Leo may have a bigger ego than needed and they may hurt a persons feelings unknowingly and they will regret it later on, but they will react the same way each time. Leo can be very observant of money. Jupiter will help Leo become more understanding towards others. They will help Leo become more Generous in all aspects (money,family,love,social). Leo will experience the world in a new perspective that will change them forever. Hope will fill Leo this year as Jupiter will give Leo a sense of optimism in everything that they do. Reality of certain situations may hit hard 2015, and some finances may be spent this year, but Leo will handle everything accordingly without becoming too frustrated because of Jupiter's energy in this sign. At times Leo may act frustrated because of the inability to believe in ones self. Jupiter will help Leo increase his confidence, a growth that is much needed for most. Leo’s beliefs towards things that seemed as ‘normal’ will change this year. Again the world will seem different, in a good way as reality will fill up Leo’s life. An investment of some kind is indicated for Leo this year, and if planned carefully with Jupiter’s power it will become a very successful empire. A trip is also indicated for Leo. Leo may be moving (not very far) and there is a great chance someone from the past will come back to Leo. A dose of reality and a sign of what path Leo is on will come this year. A work in progress. A great chance of love is here 2015 and a sense of freedom at the same time. This year by Jupiter’s power, Leo will look at the world in a higher perspective,confidence,compassion, and generosity in all forms.

Jupiter 2015- 2017 Zodiac Chart

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