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Astrology is an investigation of the association amongst planets and life on Earth. It is based on an idea that vitality patterns form between different planets and Earth; and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and networks by affecting our physical, mental and spiritual measurements.

Astrology also deals with visual imagery. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are symbolic of great and powerful forces. The physical planets are nevertheless the external forms through which the spirit energies manifest. It is these energies, not the physical planets, that affect our physical bodies, our day to day living, mood, , the entire of our being, our understanding and our spiritual development.

Explaining Birth and Natal Charts.

A Birth Chart or a Natal Chart, (think of it as) a long a road map that demonstrates the conditions you will meet in your life. The planets and stars are composed about by the researchers. Each one of us is an interesting individual and has an alternate chart and an alternate story; and therefore we are affected by the stars and planets for the entire of our life while we are on Earth. Since Ancient times, individuals have endeavored to understand the patterns and developments of stars, planets and the Moons. They assist us with measuring time and foresee the seasons.

Learning to know yourself, and therefore awaken your talents, is all part of living a happy healthy life. The more exploration one can do, the better it is for self growth and expansion. Your Astrological Reading can help by pointing out the repeating patterns throughout your life, of which you may not intentionally know, and showing you the statures to which you can aspire keeping in mind the end goal to realize the genuine potential of your spirit’s motivation. We can help you along these lines by sending you your very own reading personal natal chart.

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