Taurus  Simple Zodiac Facts, Personality and Life Quotes


 Taurus is ‘The Bull’ of the 12 zodiac signs. They are born between  April 20 – May 20. Being ruled by Venus influences them to yearn and desire to be loved and financially stable. These zodiac signs are very reliable and humorous long term  friends. You can always rely on Taurus to have your back, […]

Strengths an Weakness of Taurus

 A Taurus is born between April 20 – May 20 This zodiac sign is known to symbolize The Bull. These zodiac signs have a observant and calming personality. Their major strengths are being Reliable, Studious, Patient, Loyal, Generous Their major weaknesses are being: Insecure, Jealous, Greedy, Possessive, Lazy, Resentful,Quiet, Stubborn, Overall, Taurus is a very […]