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Aries Love

Aries, 2015 a female figure will enter your life. This female in will have a major influence on you. This may be finding someone with that motherly figure, or being a mother yourself to someone. This female may represent a form of fertility in your life and can indicate pregnancy on the way.... (Read More)

Taurus Love

The Knight of Pentacles in the Tarot is one card that guarantees a good news and in this case this news is good for your love life. The image of the knight of pentacles is shown to be a knight, on a brown horse, looking ahead and holding a large gold pentacle in his hand. This man has an unexpected windfall of good news for you headed your way.Anything that you will do during this time in your love life,any decisions you may, will be the best for you and will surly take you to path that you’ve always imagined... (Read More)

Gemini Love

The seven of swords in tarot is a picture of a man holding five swords in both hands while two swords are planted in the soiled ground. A small village is shown in the right and clear land in the back. This man is wearing chivalry red boots and a red hat. Seven of Swords in tarot indicates a move. This time Taurus in your love life you may feel very drained from a relationship. Its truly now the prefect time to move on. The night time is also indicated in this card. If you are single and not seeing anyone at all, then you may change yourself and the way you see others that you want to date. You may start looking for someone new and this person will be surly much better. If you have been in a bad relationship or an okay relationship,but you just feel stuck , this is the perfect time to end that relationship. One way or another there will be a big change in your love life this year. Singles: Gemini, you may have been tied down in a past relationship and this is the time where you set your standards in a relationship. You become vulnerable, but not to be taken advantage.... (Read More)

Cancer Love

The Emperor in tarot stands strongly in the major arcana. When Major Arcana cards are pulled up, they tend to represent bolder and bigger messages. The Emperor in tarot is an image of a mighty man. He is wearing red draped clothing while sitting on a very sturdy throne. This man has a golden grown on his head, a golden cross like figure on his right hand and gold in his left hand as well. He is portrayed with a long white beard and looking to the side. He is a person who has reached a milestone in his life. The Emperor regarding love in cancer represents authority,focus,business,determined, and very loving. He will do anything for love and who he loves. He has become successful and feels this honor has been acknowledged by others. Singles: Things in the past may have been toxic to you.Bad habits may have kicked in bad relationships. Now you are at a point of strength in your life. You are ready to take charge and become the best you can be in a relationship. Relationship: As a Cancer male, you will be taking more responsibility on in the relationship 2015. Taking charge, getting married, becoming a provider, and feeling like a man. As a Cancer female, expect someone of a male authority figure to truly influence your love life during this time. He may be apart of if or just give you some good advice that you should listen to.... (Read More)

Leo Love

The Page of Cups in tarot represents a youthful person. This person in tarot is known to be a female,but can also represent youth of any kind. She has on red stockings, a red spacey underarm long-sleeved shirt, accompanied by a blue flower dress. She is standing on the sand and behind is a wave ocean. Very chivalrous might I add. She is holding a golden cup in her right hand with a green fish inside. This card for Leo’s love life indicates a new time of discovery and a new direction in love. This will be a new path for Leo in life that will surly bring more joy and confidence to them. Singles: Leo, this year you are as ready as you can be for love and you are likely to find a young girl who will accompany all your needs. Relationship: Leo, you are becoming a new person in the relationship 2015. More focus on your appearance and how others see you. You will make up for times that you might have regretted and you will make some great memories.... (Read More)

Virgo Love

The Six of Cups in tarot was drawn for Virgo’s love life in 2015. This is a very interesting card. It displays two people, a male and a female standing in front of each other. They are staring into each others eyes in the middle of the street. The male is overhang the female a gold cup. Inside the gold cup has grass filling and a star sticking out of it. Four other cups are places in front of them. One big cup is placed behind them. This card for love indicates that you have to stop and take more time for each other. Do all the small things that matter. 2015 will bring new sweet purchases. So try to make everything that you can more romantic and less organized and your relationship will flourish. Singles: Spending more time on the love aspect of your life other than work will allow you to find a long lasting relationship. Relationship: A busy and ‘planned’ relationship isn’t that best way to go. To make your relationship stronger and to get it back to how it was before, this year you must not plan anything in your love life,but do it in the spur of the moment... (Read More)

Libra Love

The Three of Swords was pulled out of the tarot deck when in regards to Libra’s love life. This card isn’t a favorable card when someone thinks that they are in love,but every negative does have a positive. The three of swords is an image of a heart that is stabbed with three swords. Gray clouds are grumbled above and light is right at the bottom. This card indicates separation of 3 people in a relationship. Tense conversations and emotions come out. You will feel better as you leave the relationship. This may be a moment of rain,but the sun will come out after the rain goes away and a new journey of self discovery will be in your path for 2015. Singles: Use this year to find what you want in a relationship before attempting to jump in a long lasting one. Self discovery is indicated here. Relationship: A separation caused by a 3 person triangle is indicated here. The third wheel will not help the relationship. Getting a divorce or breaking up at the moment will lead you to someone better.... (Read More)

Scorpio Love

The Three of Pentacles for Scorpio’s love life was pulled up in the tarot. This card shows two men in a church like area. One man just enters in the doorway. Above him the door frame has three coins in between a triangle shaped door. He has something in a document form that he wants to bring out publicly. This card indicated new love opportunities for single Scorpios and a great step ahead in regards to making something ‘official’ for those in a relationship. Singles: Unlike your past relationships, you will find someone this year who will let the world know how much her or she loves you. A very open person and a lot of PDA. Relationship: Something will be documented in your relationship this 2015. This will be documented in a holy way. This year indicates a new engagement even a big purchase together.... (Read More)

Sagittarius Love

The Chariot was drawn for Sagittarius’s love life. The Chariot is an image of a man sitting on a chariot with two Egyptian like pharaoh horses sitting in front. The Chariot definitely brings travel and adventure to a love life for both singles and those in a relationship. The Chariot indicates new purchases and a wonderful adventure. When this adventure is in your hands you must let it be and don’t disrupt the flow of it. Even if you are one that doesn’t like many surprises, these surprises will make new special memories for you that you will cherish forever. Singles: It may seem like you have been single for the longest time now and you have just given up to look for anyone. This year expect to meet a great lover on a trip that you go to. Relationship: Those in a relationship will embark a new journey this year. This journey can be: going on a trip around the world, buying a new car for a road trip, or buying a new house and relocating.... (Read More)

Capricorn Love

The three of wands was drawn for Capricorn’s love life in 2015.This card symbolizes a man with his back in a draped garment looking ahead. He is on an island like surface surrounded by water. This surfaces is only big enough for him to be on. Surrounding this man are three wands, one which he is leaning on, and two behind him. He stands in the middle of these wands and looks ahead at his future. In love this can mean seeking your self truth. This card is a positive indication that in 2015 you will be very determined to search for what you want and you will find it. This card also represents growth of all forms. Single: You’re single! Its time to take chances this year and have fun with your love life. You will have a very good time and might meet someone with the same personality as you. Relationship: A time where you must do as you feel. If you are unhappy in a current relationship (even if its for the smallest thing) its meant for you to find something better. Trust your gut, everything will happen for a reason.... (Read More)

Aquarius Love

The Two of Pentacles was drawn for Aquarius’s 2015 love life. This card displays a picture of a young man in all orange. He has a very swaying way about him. He is in a the middle of nowhere and he has a big infinity symbol in his hand. In the middle of the infinity circle’s are two pentacles. One Pentacle is on the left and the other is on the right. This young man is balancing out which one mean more to him then the other. This card indicates a decision between two things. 2015 will be a decision that Aquarius is required to make in love. They may chose work over love or another lover over their current one. The decision may be hard and this is the first time Aquarius will have this feeling. However, this will be for the best. This card also indicates oversee travels,messages, and positive news from a spouse. Singles: Your priorities will shift this year,but you will need to be committed on finding love in order to attract it to you. So be sure you know what you want and be careful what you wish for! Relationship: In the past you may have struggled with love, this year you have more on your plate then you can handle. So there is a moment of choice this year. A decision will need to be made by you in your love life. This decision may be: choosing between 2 lovers, deciding to accept an engagement,or choosing what is more important, work or love.... (Read More)

Pisces Love

The Nine of Pentacles tarot card was drawn for Pisces love 2015. This card shows a very graceful female. She is wearing a yellow draped gown with small red flowers, and a red hat. She stands in the middle of a beautiful garden with purple grapes. With her right hand she leans on 5 pentacles, with her left hand she is holding an exotic bird. Three pentacles are on her left and one in front of her. Two lush trees behind her sway with the wind. This women is in a very happy and tranquil state. This card for Pisces love life indicates a blossoming of a female pisces, reaching true women-hood in a relationship. For males, this card indicates a women with such qualities that will represent a future wife in a current relationship. This is a very positive card for love. Singles: Pisces, a you have grown since your past relationships. You have a new respect for yourself and a different way you carry yourself. You will find someone this year that will respect you both spiritually,mentally,and physically. A great connection is seen here. Relationship: A new role is seen in the relationship here. A girl is finally feeling like a women. She has blossomed and her lover can’t take her eyes off her. This can indicate a Pisces female, or a Pisces male’s wife.... (Read More)