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Common Dreams: Flying Symbolic analysis


To dream of flying, foretells projecting your mind into nature. If a married man or women dreams of flying, foretells that they will have peace in their marriage. To dream of flying over a place in poverty, foretells that you will have bad luck in your daily surroundings. To dream […]

Common Dream Interpretations: Dreaming of Fish


To dream a fish in a clean water setting it indicates winning and financial luck. To dream of a fish in muddy waters, you must watch your character as it is under attack for defamation by your enemies. Dream of a GoldFish, it indicates important and prosperous events coming to […]

Gemini Astro Sign Diet


Diet: Gemini ladies will in general eat undesirable and in a surge. They ought to have numerous suppers amid the day and maintain a strategic distance from coffee or other drinks that contain caffeine, and supplant them with tea. Crisp organic products, for example, oranges, grapefruit, or peaches, and new […]

Affect of Astrology on Life


Astrology is the study of the differing planetary energies and their impacts on people. It isn’t fortune disclosing to it is a unimaginable measurable device, which when examined, can enable you to discover the purpose behind this manifestation, what you have embodied to become familiar with this life time to […]

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