Key Meanings of the 12 Astrology Houses

First House







Second House



Facial Features


Third House






Fourth House







Fifth House





Sixth House




Seventh House







Eight House








Ninth House




Higher education


Tenth House


Social life





Eleventh House




Twelfth House







The Astrology Glossary

Astrology Glossary


This sign was rising on the eastern skyline during childbirth and sets up the main house in the birth graph .


A geometrical connection between planets in an astrology diagram.

Birth Chart:

A graph of the divine bodies, as they showed up at a particular time.


Activity, initiative, administration. Includes: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn.


The point at which a sign or house begins.


The angle that restricts the Ascendant. Begins the seventh house.


A planet that lives in the sign is rules, giving it more quality.


The component related with common sense, conservatism, realism.


Earth, Air, Fire, Water. All signs are delegated one of these.


The component related with vitality, energy, warmth, lack of caution.


Territories of movement.


The angle at the highest point of the diagram tenth cusp that speaks to people in general face.


The correct point between two planets or house cusps.


Versatile, scattering of vitality. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces.


Karmic indicators of the Moon.


The measure of degrees in which a viewpoint is as yet powerful.

Advanced Chart:

Multi day for multi year formula is connected to perceive how a natal graph develops.


The apparent in reverse movement of a planet as observed by the Earth.


The planet that has dominion over a certain sign.

Sun powered Return Chart:

A horoscope cast for the correct minute the Sun comes back to its original spot in the natal outline.


A grouping of planets together as found in the birth outline. .

Succedent Houses:

Houses 2,5,8,11 that don’t contact angles. .


The entry of a planet to a touchy point in the horoscope. .


The component related with feeling, otherworldliness.

Capricorn Compatibility with the All Zodiac Signs

Capricorn and Aries
Capricorn and Aries make an entertaining love match. Aries is the youngest sign of the entire zodiac which means that Aries is known to be carefree and doesn’t over think things too much. Capricorn is a sign that wants to create a solid foundation and is very hard working. Aries will admire Capricorn and learn from Capricorn. Capricorn must be more open with how Aries views things in life. The relationship will certainly have excitement, surprise, and admiration.

Capricorn and Taurus
Capricorn and Taurus are two signs with extreme compatibility. Capricorn is known to be very protective and hard working. Taurus is known to love the higher studies and finances. Both these 2 zodiac signs will have the same mind space most of the time. They will enjoy going out with one another to different private locations. This relationship will last between Capricorn and Taurus if there is no artificial doubt from one side.

Capricorn and Gemini
Capricorn and Gemini will certainly have a love affair. Gemini will be wild, explorative, and romantic. Capricorn will be very giving and a little more rational. Both will have their priorities straight in the relationship. These 2 will have a great time together and their love relationship will last if they are truly faithful and honest to one another.

Capricorn and Cancer
Capricorn and Cancer will have a respected love relationship, but before everything, they will become friends. Capricorn is a very calm and logical sign. Cancer is a very emotional sign, but the expression of emotion varies. These two will have a foundational love relationship. They will spend years together. However, this relationship will last if Capricorn and Cancer learn to create a balance for the things they lack in there relationship.

Capricorn and Leo
Capricorn and Leo are very compatible with one another. Both Capricorn and Leo have joy in work, finances, and reward. In a love relationship, they will adore one another and fall passionately in love. This relationship will last even more if there is more quality time in the relationship, work should not be chosen over love.

Capricorn and Virgo
Capricorn and Virgo will have a very harmonious love relationship. Capricorn is a very patient and logical thinking zodiac sign. Virgo shares the same qualities. They will both enjoy indulging in the things that they most love to do in the relationship. This relationship will work out of both Capricorn and Virgo spend more time with one another and don’t allow outside gossip to break them up.

Capricorn and Libra
Capricorn and Libra have an instant love connection and almost a fairytale love life. They will instantly fall in love with one another. There will be a sense of comfort, warmth, and protection vibration in this love relationship. Libra is a zodiac sign that needs balance, at times, Capricorn will do a lot for Libra, but it won’t be what Libra is asking for. The love compatibility between Capricorn and Libra can be much stronger if there is a way to resolve miscommunications in the relationship .

Capricorn and Scorpio
Capricorn and Scorpio will have a passionate affair. There is a connection with these 2 zodiac signs. Although they don’t do things the same way, they need to be open to trying new things. Affection is something that may be needed to be expressed more in the public. These 2 signs will last if both Capricorn and Scorpio both agree to allow small confrontations to just pass.

Capricorn and Sagittarius
Capricorn and Sagittarius will have a very open and positive relationship. There is a great energy in this relationship between Capricorn and Sagittarius. They will have friendship in the relationship which will allow them to understand more about one another and not leave any conflict or lies in the relationship. With great communication, they will have a great love life. This relationship will last if they both maintain that friendship before anything else.

Capricorn and Capricorn
Capricorn and Capricorn have an instant connection. They are very receptive to one another’s feelings in the relationship. They must learn how not to overwork themselves outside to the point where they forget about their relationship. This relationship will work out if this relationship forms a much more physical connection.

Capricorn and Aquarius
Capricorn and Sagittarius are opposites in the zodiac, but they will have unbelievable similarities. This relationship will give them satisfaction and new memories to forever cherish. Aquarius is known to be a zodiac sign that likes things that are new and modern. Capricorn may differ and like old fashion and tradition. There may be annoyances sometimes in the relationship, but it will last if they become more adaptable to one another feelings.

Capricorn and Pisces
Capricorn and Pisces are on a never ending love journey together. The more time they spent and the more years they stay together, the stronger the bond lasts and the more comfortable these signs will be with one another. Pisces is known to be an old soul and Capricorn is known to be a very responsible zodiac sign. These 2 will have extreme admiration and affection for one another. They will last in their relationship if they constantly make an effort to do new things, take the next step, and make memories .

Aries Compatibility with the All Zodiac Signs

Aries and Aries
Aries and Aries are quick to fall in love and get crazy together, but the relationship may not be as committed in the long run. At first sight, this may be an instant fun connection. The relationship will be full of laughter at first. Aries is a journey lover, those born under the zodiac sign of Aries love constant change and adventure. They are very flirtatious and in a long term relationship that can be very risky. An Aries needs to have a very deep and strong connection with another Aries to stay together for ever. However, judging it from a general perspective, Aries may not have too much stability in the relationship because they are all over the place either physically in different locations or with their emotions and needs in life. For this relationship to work out, Aries and Aries need to learn self discipline and how to make time for one another in a relationship.

Aries and Taurus
Aries and Taurus in a relationship are opposites in personality, but they can learn from one another. Aries is a sign that loves new change and interacting with different social groups. Aries is aggressive and not afraid to take risks. Taurus is a sign that has great internal thoughts, but is a bit shy on the outside. Taurus has a practical view online and believes in the higher studies. Taurus has patience. In this relationship, Aries and Taurus may have some great conversations and dates. In the long term, Taurus needs a support system that increases self confidence. Aries doesn’t pay attention to certain things that Taurus is holding in side. Aries can teach taurus how to increase self confidence if Taurus will idolize Aries and learn from what they do in life . Aries can also benefit from Taurus in a relationship and learn to become more grounded. This relationship is a good match if the two partners can listen and learn from one another.

Aries and Gemini
Aries and Gemini make a really passionate and loving couple. Aries is known to be the risk taker and Gemini is a journey lover. Gemini can teach Aries new forms of life expression. Gemini and Aries have similar qualities. They both enjoy being around people, they both enjoy the news, and being up to date with everything that is going on. Gemini will be guiding the relationship, but Aries will be leading it with pride.

Aries and Cancer
Aries and Cancer make a good couple, but Cancer may not have real growth in the relationship. Aries is a carefree spirit and Cancer also has the ability to avoid everything and run with the wind. However, being ruled by the moon, Cancer has a lot of emotions. At times Cancer may look as Aries as childish or not very trusting. Cancer is very trustworthy and expects the same, but Cancer may not get it back as much from Aries. Cancer has tendency to hold things inside and in this relationship Cancer will fall back into the habit of suppressing feelings and replacing them with fun activities. This relationships may not promote much internal growth, but it will not be boring.

Aries and Leo
Aries and Leo are both every passionate in a relationship. Aries will complement Leo and Leo will love Aries youthfulness ways. Aries will be more focused on certain adventures and Leo will focus on finances, but they both love spending together in luxurious places. This relationship will be very uplifting and remain passionate only if both of these signs remain faithful to one another.

Aries and Virgo
Aries and Virgo are two opposites that may attract at first, but need to learn how to negotiate on a daily basis. In terms of beliefs and personality, Aries is not patient and always needs transformation. Virgo is a sign that always needs to be on a schedule or on a life plan to think ahead. Virgo doesn’t focus on self as much and Aries will teach Virgo how to do that. Both these zodiac signs don’t have a problem with taking on responsibilities, but they handle them differently. This relationship will work out if they learn how to respect and contribute to one another’s passions.

Aries and Libra
Aries and Libra will have a very romantic relationship form the start. Aries will impress a Libra by their personality. A Libra may not feel to sure or secure with Aries because they are unstable, but if they fall in love, a Libra will place all trust on Aries. An Aries must learn from Libra to take on higher responsibilities in life. Both these zodiac signs don’t mind change or things moving too quickly. Libra needs a balance sometimes, but Libra is always up for a good time. This relationship will work out if both Aries and Libra create a solid foundation in life.

Aries and Scorpio
Aries and Scorpio make a very dynamic bond. Both of these signs are aggressive for what they want. Scorpio can be ruthless directly and Aries can be ruthless without knowing it. In a relationship, they would need to spend a lot of time together and learn more about one another’s past. Forming that bond is the best way this relationship can blossom.

Aries and Sagittarius
Aries and Sagittarius will make a fashionable couple, but in the long run, Sagittarius may ask for more stability. Sagittarius will fall for an Aries and explore the world with them. However, Sagittarius needs to have fully explored life and needs to have a solid self foundation before committing to an Aries. If a Sagittarius is not confident in self, then they may not be as stable to date an Aries. Aries is known to have many lovers, Sagittarius has a lot of envy when it comes to relationships. If these signs form a strong trusting bond, then it will be bliss.

Aries and Capricorn
Aries and Capricorn will have a great love life and a dating life. In a daily lifestyle, Capricorn will provide great stability to Aries, but Aries must always be very truthful to Capricorn. Capricorn can do a lot and sacrifice for love, Aries must be more thoughtful at times. For this relationship to work, there needs to be balance.

Aries and Aquarius
Aries and Aquarius can make fireworks happen! Aquarius has a great sense of style and a unique personality, this will really intrigue an Aries. Aries is constantly curious and Aquarius will make Aries always interested. This is a great love relationship. Aries and Aquarius will have the most fun in an outside location. This relationship and strong bond will always last.

Aries and Pisces
Aries and Pisces are two opposites in the zodiac as Pisces is the old and Aries is the youngest, but in a relationship, they can learn from one another. Pisces will learn how to let loose and not be afraid to make things a reality. Aries will learn new lessons in life and be intrigued by a Pisces crave for mystery. They will have a great relationship. However, at times, Pisces may take things much more seriously than Aries and make something look more offensive than it really is. For this relationship to work out in the long run, Aries and Pisces must connect in communication.

Gemini Compatibility with the All Zodiac Signs

Gemini and Aries
Gemini and Aries make a lively couple. These two will have a lot of fun, great adventures, and will always be on the run together. In love, they are in complete freedom. They will love to teach each other new things. For this relationship to last, these two must find a form of structure in their relationship.

Gemini and Taurus
Gemini and Taurus will have a deep relationship. These two zodiac signs will learn from one another. Gemini will help Taurus break out of the shell a little bit and learn to become sociable. Taurus may feel somewhat uncomfortable with Gemini’s constant need for adventure as Taurus is one to take things slower and into a much more conscience love. This relationship will work if both zodiac signs listen to one another’s feelings.

Gemini and Gemini
Gemini and Gemini will have a very pleasurable time together. At times, jealousy and too much possessiveness may make this relationship break up and make up again. Gemini and Gemini do share common likes such as love and adventure. They will both enjoy the arts. At times, there may be a competitive energy between them which may not do so good in the relationship. For this relationship to work out, Gemini and Gemini must learn to be very supportive of one another in the dearest honesty.

Gemini and Cancer
Gemini and Cancer will share great memories and make a great bond together. This relationship needs to be based off of trust. Cancer will be the first person to be honest in the relationship, but Cancer may also be too traditional at times to the point of obsessive control. Gemini is much more carefree and living in the modern world when it comes to love. For this relationship to last, Gemini must convert to Cancer’s beliefs of transition and Cancer must be open to Gemini’s modern thinking.

Gemini and Leo
Gemini and Leo will have a very strong relationship. Gemini will be much more involved with the arts and liking the idea of fantasy. Leo will be much more broad and logical at times. The only conflict that is to rise in this relationship is about who takes the lead. Leo is known to love the spotlight and being showered with complaints, Gemini sometimes gets the spotlight without even trying. There needs to be mutual respect in this relationship for it to work out.

Gemini and Virgo
Gemini and Virgo will have a very awakening relationship. At times, these two may but heads as Gemini is much more adventurous than planned Virgo. However, Virgo will learn from Gemini in the relationship. Virgo is all about hard work and reward. Gemini will know just what to do to make Virgo feel special and rewarded. For this relationship to work out, both zodiac signs must have strong views in life and plan to take the relationship to a deeper level mutually.

Gemini and Libra
Gemini and Libra will share a special bond. Libra will often be charmed by Gemini. Both of these zodiac signs love social activity and they both love showing off at times. They will make a great looking couple and their personalities will collide very well together. For this relationship to work out, Gemini must be ready to take the next step when Libra feels the need to have more in the relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio
Gemini and Scorpio will have a relationship full of surprises, adventures, and passionate romance. Scorpio and Gemini are both known to go after what they want. When these 2 signs know that they want each other, nothing will stop them from being together. They will enjoy each others company. At times, they may argue as they both have very strong beliefs about certain things. However, in the long run, their relationship will last if they always show care for one another.

Gemini and Sagittarius
Gemini and Sagittarius will have a majestic relationship. Sagittarius loves to fall in love and Gemini is just the zodiac sign that will be showing Sagittarius with compliments. They will take many trips both long and short. Dining out or going to a festive location is the best way to increase bonding and romance. For this relationship to work out, Gemini and Sagittarius need to explain their feelings out loud to one another.

Gemini and Capricorn
Gemini and Capricorn will have a very personal relationship. They will be very connected to on another and they will often talk about what they want out of love. They will be very expressive with their feelings. Capricorn will be very open and giving to Gemini. Gemini will take this energy and make it even more positive and reciprocate it to Capricorn.For this relationship to last, both these zodiac signs must learn to grow at the same pace.

Gemini and Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius make a different and exciting couple. They both have creative personalities. Gemini is open to new modern beliefs and Aquarius may be living those modern beliefs. They will make a great couple. They will enjoy their time together. They will feel a very trusting energy with on another. This relationship will work out if both these signs find a solid foundation that always pulls them together.

Gemini and Pisces
Gemini and Pisces will have a mystical connection. Pisces wants Gemini, but may not know the right way to show it at times. Gemini is very thoughtful of Pisces, but they may not take the lead in the relationship because they are waiting for Pisces pace. This is a relaxing relationship. For this relationship to work out, both Gemini and Pisces must be very expressive to one another.

Love Relationships Compatibility of the Astrology Signs

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When incarnated into this life on earth, you chose to learn and develop through certain exercises along your life way. A mysterious birth outline reading can assist you with recognizing and comprehend these exercises and point out the endowments and devices you were born with that can help you en route. In astrology, you land on a particular sign by your birthday. With that, you can compare the signs to see which you are most compatible with.

How to do this?

1. Find your sign.

2. Find your lovers sign.

3. Read and Read on!

Birth Readings and Love Analysis

Are you interesting in a certain love interest? Use this compatibility chart above to find how the 12 signs are compatible with each other. With astrology love readings, your own reading will assist you with understanding yourself and the parts of yourself that you had never thought existed. It can uncover your shrouded potential, your lovers interest, what you are able to do and the open doors that are waiting to open to you. It can likewise assist you with understanding things that have transpired before and how you got the chance to be the place you are presently – at the intersection of your life, maybe indicating a portion of the solutions to your regular daily existence that you are currently looking for. Each of the 12 zodiac signs are known to have a certain level of compatibility, read above, to learn more.

Chinese Astrology – Year of the Sheep and Zodiac

According to Chinese Astrology, 2015 is known to be The Year of the Sheep.

The Sheep

The sheep is known to be a very hard working and determined animal. He has a tender heart that is very considerate of others. His hard work will bring him riches. This can indicate that 2015 is a year where you will need to work a bit,but in the end you will get what you most desire. One of the Sheep’s lucky colors is GREEN. Green is often associate with money,finances,wealth, as the color of a bill is green. 2015 is a great year to complete any new projects, pick up on any old things that you have left in the past, this is the perfect time to make things work. By learning how to multitask and balance things out you will be on the best track to reaching your goals.

The Sheep’s Best Matches :

Rabbit, Pig, and Horse

The Sheep’s Worst Matches:

Tiger, Dog, and Ox


The year of the Sheep has a center on health which you need to focus on. This is the year to try to keep the weight that you have now if its healthy, and if its not try healthy dieting with exercise. Eating the right foods can help you lose what you need to get to the healthy level where you want to be.Being that 2015 may be so busy, all of the zodiac signs may not be so focused on nutrition. This should be at the top of your list this year to be as healthy as you can. The Sheep Promotes all dairy products this year.

The Sheep and the Zodiac Signs

Chinese Astrology is known to be a form of astrology that does use animals (not based on birth-dates,but birth years) however, Chinese Astrology can relate to western astrology. The Sheep Does affect all 12 of the zodiac signs. Read Below for each analysis:


Aries, the Sheep will have a very good impact on you. Prepare to feel more optimistic this year. You will find yourself looking at the glass half full, rather than half empty. This will increase your joy about your daily life and event the small things that you do. Hope will strengthen your life and guide you to an area where you are inspired and you can reach the impossible.


Taurus , the Sheep has something in store for you this year. Taurus, you may often be misunderstood by others. You may seem shy at a first impression, when you are really the opposite. At times you are obsessed with having people accept you, and that can lead you to some insecurities. This year the Sheep will influence you to understand your self worth. Prepare to explore your self internally. You will go on a spiritual journey this year and a soul exploration of some sort. You may discover hidden talents within yourself that will strengthen you and change you forever for the best.


Gemini, the Sheep has something very interesting for you. Gemini , as open as you may seem on the outside, it seem that you don’t keep that too many ‘friends’ close to you. You are one zodiac sign that may have friends, but you don’t know who most of them are because those people might have heard of you through the grape vine and you know nothing about them. This year you will be more social. Prepare to get out there, make new friends, connections, and possible fall in love through a social setting.


Cancer, the Sheep has something very good for you this year. You may have been having some trouble in the past, something might have kept you back all these years. This may have been because of your own doing even if you’ve never realized it. You are a zodiac sign who is often known to have a lot of emotion,but you keep it all inside. At times you may feel certain bursts of urges, but you don’t tell anyone and its easier to forget about it. This year be prepare to become enlightened. You will be moving forward this year in all aspects of your life by your own actions.


Leo, the Sheep has a great mix for you this year! Leo, you are known to be a very courages zodiac sign, you are the Lion of the zodiac. However, some Leo’s don’t always act brave all the time.There are things that play out in life that make you act a way that you don’t really like to act towards others. Small things like finances may irritate you and keep you very close minded. Prepare to harness your self determination and ambition this year. It will lead you to many great places, new learnings, and becoming more open and honest with yourself/others.


Virgo, the Sheep has something in store for you this year that you may relate to. So Virgo, you are known to be perfect. You want everything clean and cut and if something isn’t the way you want it done, you aren’t going to like its. This year the Sheep will have you obsessed over a project, a love, or a goal. Allow this to be a good thing and a sign that you will reach a great milestone this year.


Libra, the Sheep will bring you a more vocal gift this year. Libra, you are known to have a very kind heart, you are a great family person, and of course you do love being complimented as a zodiac sign. At times you may not speak up for what you think is right or wrong, rather you keep it bottled up inside. This year you will be a bit more hostile towards anything that you want. This may be a love,career,social life, and or any other goals that you have. You are going to become a go getter this year Libra, so just trust yourself and don’t be afraid!


Scorpio, the Sheep has some work for you this year! Prepare for a year of determination and a lot of work. This work will benefit you and how you will take things by the horns this year will determine your life path. This is the year to stay focused, remove all bad habits, and move as forward in the fastest speed as you can.


Sagittarius, the Sheep has something fun in store for you! Sagittarius, you may have been adjusting to something new lately. This may be changing a home,school, relationship, or job. In the past conflict has upsetting you and taken some of your energy. The sheep is fueling you this year with power and good vibes, so get ready to get that youthful burst back!


Capricorn, the Sheep has a new trait for you this year. Capricorn, you are one who is very good hearted, family oriented, a bit obsessive at times, and you are wanting to keep track of everything in your life. You may have learned that somethings are too hard to control, however this year you will find yourself coming to things in a more strategic way. Your hard work will pay off and you will be honored and recognized by others.


Aquarius, the Sheep is giving you something new this year! So Aquarius you are know to be one of those signs that really likes to know where everything is. You have strong views, and some of your beliefs might be ‘set to stone’ meaning no one really can change your mind. Well the Sheep will this year! This year you will be open minded in more aspects of life and you will be shocked at yourself at what perspective you’re taking life in. The Sheep can also lead those singles to a new love interest this year that will lead to a long lasting relationship.


Pisces , the Sheep will hit you with reality this year! You are known to be a very dreamy sign. You are very intuitive and you are right on with most of your thoughts, but when Jupiter and Neptune mix you do have a tendency to over do it with your day/ night dreaming. The Sheep will bring you clarity, logic, and a way to get through things in a realistic manner ( to reach the things that you have been dreaming about). This will be an amazing year for you Pisces!

Celeb Astrology

View below famous celeb birthdays for each week of June !

Famous Celebs Born -June Week 1: 1 – 7

Marilyn Monroe Birthday: June 1, 1926

Heidi Klum Birthday: June 1, 1973

Dominic Cooper Birthday: June 2, 1978

Rafael Nadal Birthday:June 3, 1986

Angelina Jolie Birthday: June 4, 1975

Russell Brand Birthday: June 4, 1975

Bar Refaeli Birthday: June 4, 1985

Mark Wahlberg Birthday: June 5, 1971

Pete Wentz Birthday: June 5, 1979

Kenny G Birthday:June 5, 1956

Gin Wigmore Birthday:June 6, 1986

Iggy Azalea Birthday: June 7, 1990

Prince Birthday: June 7, 1958

Michael Cera Birthday: June 7, 1988

Famous Celebs Born – June Week 2: 8 – 14

Kanye West Birthday: June 8, 1977

Joan Rivers Birthday: June 8, 1933

Johnny Depp Birthday: June 9, 1963

Natalie Portman Birthday: June 9, 1981

Michael J. Fox Birthday: June 9, 1961

Kate Upton Birthday: June 10, 1992

Sasha Obama Birthday: June 10, 2001

Mehmet Oz Birthday: June 11, 1960

Mark Henry Birthday: June 12, 1971

Adriana Lima Birthday: June 12, 1981

Kendra Wilkinson Birthday: June 12, 1985

Kat Dennings Birthday: June 13, 1986

Donald Trump Birthday: June 14, 1946

Famous Celebs Born -June Week 3: 15 – 21

Ice Cube Birthday: June 15, 1969

Neil Patrick Harris Birthday: June 15, 1973

Courteney Cox Birthday: June 15, 1964

Tupac Shakur Birthday: June 16, 1971

Venus Williams Birthday: June 17, 1980

Paulina Rubio Birthday: June 17, 1971

Blake Shelton Birthday: June 18, 1976

Paula Abdul Birthday: June 19, 1962

Nicole Kidman Birthday: June 20, 1967

Lionel Richie Birthday: June 20, 1949

Grace Potter Birthday: June 20, 1983

Famous Celebs Born – June Week 4: 22 – 30

Lana Del Rey Birthday: June 21, 1986

Prince William Birthday: June 21, 1982

Chris Pratt Birthday: June 21, 1979

Cancer Love

Cancer male, 2015 will be a year where you will grow into your manhood. You will have an authority and this year you will be that authority and have that power in your love life. Cancer female, you will truly find that male authority figure in your life and have a blossoming relationship. Cancer male, you will be recharging this year,bringing in more self strengths that will take you where you want to be in life. Things may have seemed tough for you in the past. A form of abuse in a substance or anything harmful to self is indicated here. This year you will truly step into the shoes you admire. Cancer female, your love life may have been very unfulfilled in the past. You have not had a real male figure take charge in your life. So most of the relationships you had may have been long,but weren’t that serious. For single cancer females, this year in your love life all the qualities you may have wanted in a person, will show up right in front of you. Then you will have the choice to do what you want with the relationship, leave it or take it. Taking it will is a favorable side to take this year.

The Emperor

The Emperor in tarot stands strongly in the major arcana. When Major Arcana cards are pulled up, they tend to represent bolder and bigger messages. The Emperor in tarot is an image of a mighty man. He is wearing red draped clothing while sitting on a very sturdy throne. This man has a golden grown on his head, a golden cross like figure on his right hand and gold in his left hand as well. He is portrayed with a long white beard and looking to the side. He is a person who has reached a milestone in his life. The Emperor regarding love in cancer represents authority,focus,business,determined, and very loving. He will do anything for love and who he loves. He has become successful and feels this honor has been acknowledged by others.


“The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.” ~ Paulo Coelho


“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


“We loved with a love that was more than love.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe


“Are you a man, Octave? Do you see the leaves falling from the trees, the sun rising and setting? Do you hear the ticking of the clock of time with each pulsation of your heart? Is there, then, such a difference between the love of a year and the love of an hour? I challenge you to answer that, you fool, as you sit there looking out at the infinite through a window not larger than your hand “. ~Alfred de Musset,


“ Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.”



“Candle light, moon light, star light,

The brightest glow is from love light.”

~Terri Guillemets


“There’s no denying that the only real unhappiness in life is losing a man…. Death isn’t nature’s greatest mistake — falling in love is. If we didn’t do that, all the misery in life would be cut right out of it. Oh my goodness, so would all the fun. So, what are you gonna do about it. “~When Ladies Meet film.


“The simple lack of her is more to me than others’ presence. “ ~Edward Thomas


“Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.”

– Sir Arthur Pinero


“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”

-George Sand


“I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter. Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.”

-Andrew Wyeth


“Love is only half the illusion; the lover, but not his love, is deceived.”

George Santayana

Celebs Born under the Astrological Zodiac Sign of Cancer:

Lindsay Lohan

Tom Cruise

Chace Crawford

Vin Diesel

Jaden Smith

Paul Wesley

Ariana Grande

Pamela Anderson

Selena Gomez

50 Cent

Jessica Simpson

Sofia Vergara

Minka Kelly

Khloe Kardashian

Gisele Bundchen

Liv Tyler

Drake Bell

Kristen Bell

Lisa Rinna

Courtney Love

Aries Love

Aries you may have been going through a lot of relationships in the past, you may have recently hit something long term. If you are still single there are great chances that you may meet someone who you will fall in love with very quickly and move very fast with. Faster then ever. For those who were in a relationship, you will now see this relationship bloom and expand to new heights. You will be entering a new phase in your life. This phase will be very favorable to you in your love life. This will bring you a very new meaning to life and fill you with joy. 2015 is a great time for aries to mingle with new people and move forward with current relationships as the possibilities of them turning out well are very good at them moment. Again a lot of happiness in the air. You will be feeling a sense of relief in your love life. A major issue has been solved, now only sunshine is ahead of you.
The Empress Tarot
Aries, 2015 a female figure will enter your life. This female in will have a major influence on you. This may be finding someone with that motherly figure, or being a mother yourself to someone. This female may represent a form of

fertility in your life and can indicate pregnancy on the way.
Aries Quote Calendar 2015
Aries Love Quote for each month of 2015:
“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

“Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones

“Bitterness imprisons life; love releases it.” Harry Emerson Fosdick

“Love is energy of life.”

– Robert Browning

“There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Though lovers be lost love shall not.” Dylan Thomas

“I don’t know that love changes. People change. Circumstances change.”

Nicholas Sparks

“We can only learn to love by loving.” Iris Murdoch

“For everything people can’t see with their own two eyes is why I’m so in love with you…” Victoria

“The sun was brought to it’s knees when you entered this world, for now you are the brightest star to shine upon the earth.”

Tom Van Laethem

“Let every day be a passion we can feel..Let every day be a dream we touch.. Let every day be a love we can feel.. Let every day be a feeling of love that we can feel when we are together.. Let every day be a reason to live our life to love and let every day be a loving day for everybody close to you…”

Gin Dollar
“No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I swear it.”

––Defiance by C.J. Redwine

Celebs Born Under Aries:
Betty Ford

Kevin Federline

Alec Baldwin

Lady Gaga

Jesse J

Emma Watson

Kristen Steward

The Undertaker

Pharell Williams

Kourtney Kardashian

Mariah Carey

Sophia Grace Brownlee

Jamie Lynn Spears

Randy Orton

James Franco

Shay Mitchell