Types of Dreams:

 Prophetic (Predicting) Dreams Prophetic dreams are known to fortell events in the near future. So, if you have a very vivid dream with a lot of action that is very memorable, make sure you look up your dream symbols in a dream dictionary to find out if it will result in a good or bad outcome.


Daydreaming is very common. It is done with eyes open, usually an individual will dose off into dream land and control all his thoughts in his or her dream.

Lucid Dreams Lucid dreaming is something that most of us crave and some of us are afraid to explore. During a Lucid dream you are in control of everything. In the dream, you know that you are dreaming, but you can do anything that you want to do. Like fly, run, or anything else involving the current situation in your dream.


A nightmare is known to be one of the most undesired types of dreams causing great terror,fear, and usually night sweating. A nightmare is a disturbing dream which one can only wish to wake up from and sometimes they have trouble getting out of the dream. This is the most undesired dream that usually means of a warning to the dreamer.

Repeating Dreams These are types of dreams that you dream more than once or recall more than once. Know, that when you get a repeating dream, it is a very special sign that you must remember. Write down your repeating dreams to understand their sign and grasp their significance in your life situation .

Origins of a Dream Catcher

We all dream, yet, we don't all know how to control our dreams or even remember them all the time. Would you like to have full control over your Dreams? Legends and history, be that as it may, have it that our progenitors think about a thing that enables them to channel Dreams. That question is known as the Dream Catcher.

Local American conventions disclose to us that dream catchers are emblematic networks hung over a sleeping individual, with the goal that his Dreams will be separated. Specifically, the Dream Catcher would is defined as shield from having Nightmares. Many people around the world have a dream catcher for the right purposes as you will find out more by reading below.

Origin of the Dream Catcher

Lets explore where the dream catcher came from, the legend, the traditions, and how it will capture your nightmares.

Investigations have pointed that the Dream Catcher truly originated from the Ojibwe Nation. Legends have it that the Dream Catcher's web traps terrible Dreams yet enables great Dreams to sneak past its little focus opening.

Lakota dream catchers are accepted to have risen up out of a later date and should be the result of the intermarriage between Native American clans.

The Design of Dream Catchers

Conventional dream catchers would likewise have the interior web connected to the roundabout band on eight points, symbolizing the eight legs of the creepy crawly. It isn't remarkable, be that as it may, for one to find a conventional Dream Catcher with seven contact points. These points are what the Native Americans would call the Seven Prophecies.

Dream catchers would appear as a roundabout woody band containing a carefully assembled website composition with an opening in the inside, with at least two quills connected to the base of the circle. In the event that made in the customary way, a Dream Catcher would have a characteristic willow circle and a website architecture made of sinew.

Quick Tip: The color purple is known to represent spirituality and a good color choice for a dream catcher.

New Age Time

Today, dream catchers are seen either as a New Age device or as a plain brightening decoration. For the individuals who see the Dream Catcher as a New Age device, they would even now trust that the Dream Catcher could truly channel Dreams. New Age professionals would even prescribe the utilization of dream catchers for those having regular Nightmares and recurring terrible Dreams.

In todays day and age, the Dream Catcher lets us know of the rich culture and custom that our precursors have. Having a Dream Catcher in our homes is a great idea.

 Two People = Same Dream

Have you ever had a dream about a person or a thing and another person has dreamt the exact or close to the same thing about what you have dreamt of. Well that's known as a two people dream. Sharing a dream with someone can be very freaky at first thought, but you will ultimately find that the dream will lead to something in real life, so pay attention.

Epic Dreams Epic dreams are the coolest most vivid dreams one can have. They have great colors, existence to them, and a beauty you cannot overlook. Anything good and bad in the dream will feel so vivid and life changing. These dreams may change your perspective in some areas of life and generally make you feel more enlightened.

Remember Dreams

 Sleep The first step to remembering your dreams is to going to bed at the same time every day. Have a regular bedtime and wake up time. Make this your daily routine. You will be amazed how fast you will recall dreams. So even though it may be hard for some, try to go to sleep around the same time! You have a 30 minute before and after period, not any longer.

 Drinking Avoid alcohol consumption,avoid fast food, avoid junk food, avoid all types of candies. These things will sit in your stomach all night to slowly digest making your body not feel as relaxed and comfortable as it should. Think about it, all day our body does all these different processes. During the night time the body re energizes its self for the next day. During this process you should feel very relaxed, but your not because your body has another process to do and thats unhealthy digestion in the middle of the night. So stay way from food and alcohol consumption during the night time, it will lead to better dream recall.

Chamomile Tea Chamomile Tea is a herbal remedy for soothing all types of pains in the body, especially in the stomach. Chamomile Tea is also known to make on very drowsy, at night time. So sip a cup of chamomile tea before sleep and you will be sure to start sleeping right as you get into bed( to prevent all the turning and tossing). The calmer you are, the more likely you will have a full nights dream, and the more likely you are to remember it. Writing Keep a pen,notebook, or a cellphone next to your bed stand so that it will be within reach as soon as you wake up. You want to make recording your dreams as easy a task as possible. A dream can come in a mornings thought. You may say it acouple of times as you wake up because its fresh in your mind, but lets say now that you wake up your in the kitchen. Then you try to remember, but its gone. Just as you get the thought you can either scribble it down (better write than draw) or you can record yourself with your cell (remember to leave the brightness to a low, so your eyes wont be in light shock). You may wake up in the middle of the night and possibly remember something. Right it down. Sometimes when we say something to ourselves at night or early morning about what we dreamt, we don't write it down because we think that now that we've said it we'll never forget it, but think again! So always write everything down. Another benefit from that is that you are creating a dream journal for yourself! So anytime you want you can go back and review all of your past dreams.

Patience Do not get out of bed immediately as you hear that alarm clock ring or feel the brightness of the sun.Stay still in your bed, keeping your eyes closed, and just speak whats going on. Start with something simple that you may feel is unworthy to say because its not a big part of your dream,but you will be amazed what that thought can lead to and how the story follows. Remember always wake up slow and comfortable.

Drawing Not all of us are the best at drawing, but if YOU are or somewhat are then draw what you saw in your dream.

Sharing Talking to other people about your dreams can make you think deep about your dream more and you may recall something.

Believing Expect to remember! The night before sleeping expect yourself to remember your dream and you ultimately will!

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