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Dream Dictionary – A to Z Dream Meanings

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Are you ready to symbol search the meaning of dreams on astrojunctions most accurate online dream dictionary? We all sleep at night and wake up in the morning remembering dreams that always bring last feelings, emotions, sensations, causing us to feel different moods. When recalling them , this is the place where you can find an interpretive answer to what they signify  .

Astrology Junctions Dream Dictionary

Your dreams have a deeper and prophetic significance in life and many symbol based interpretations are important for an individual to gain clarity.   Astrology Junction gives a quick free look into the dream dictionary  a to z analysis and interpretation of your dream meanings, the full alphabetized interpretation are found on  a dream dictionary book interpreting symbolic meanings Mystic, book of all dream meanings .


In Search of a Dream Meanings Dictionary ?

symbolic dream meanings interpretation

 A dream dictionary is an a to z online source or even can be found in a book that defines each dream one by one. These interpretations will bring clarity to the reader and foretell the true interpretation and meaning.


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Dare to look?

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Why we dream?

Many online dictionaries or books ( in the spiritual, religious, astrology, divination category genre) may have explanations for this. We believe that there is a more meaningful reason why we have dreams aside from the scientific explanation of it.  Years before, it was once believed that when a person is dreaming a persons soul travels the universe.

 Common Dreams Most Accurate Interpretation

Analysis Babies

Black Clothes



Symbolic Falling





Naked Dreams

Symbol Water


Seeing a Spider

Need help on remembering, you can read a book or read this online article  Step by step ways to Remember Your Dreams

A to Z Dreams Dictionary Interpretations

Glimpses of a Dream Dictioanry Book


Accordion:  Playing the accordion, it indicates positive news in love.

LETTER B Symbols

Balcony:  The dream meaning of meeting with a man in a balcony, it indicates that they will meet again.

Bath: Taking a bath on clear water, it indicates idealize health . Then again,if water is messy, this is a sign of the damage, stress, and misfortune.

LETTER C Dream Meanings

Castle:  Discovering a castle, it is a happy sign and a new found venture.

 LETTER D Dream meaning

Dance: Dancing among other individuals, it indicates companionship and luxury.

Symbols of LETTER:  E

Earthquake:  Witnessing an earthquake is a sign of a big life shake up, enemies are searching to do harm to something you cherish the most.

Symbols of LETTER:  F

Farm: It is always a positive sign and foretells great riches.

Symbols of LETTER:  G

Gift: The dream meaning of Being given a gift, it is a sign of amazing and uplifting news.

Symbols of LETTER:  H Symbols

Hair: If you see black, short or messy hair, it indicates disgraces.

Symbols of LETTER:  I 

Island: To see a sunny island, this is a sign of the arrival of calm seasons.

Symbols of LETTER:  J Symbols

Journey: If the chance that the adventure is being done a horse, it is an indication of flourishing and fortune. In the event that the traveler is inside a carriage, it is a hint of something to look forward to, especially in love.


King: A King indicates great honors and new advancements in work


Ladder: The higher you climb the ladder, the higher you will reach success. Advance over a ladder is always a positive sign in any field; on the contrary, going down indicates distress and enduring.


Mansion: If you are inside a mansion, it prognosticates wealthy belonging for you. In any case, if the mansion has a haunted chamber, be careful, it is a sign for misfortune.

Interpreting Symbols of LETTER:  N

Necklace: To wear a necklace in  indicates radiance and respects. To see a necklace anticipates a fortunate romantic relationship brimming with adoration and passion.

LETTER:  O –  Symbols

Olive: Finding an olive tree, indicates blessed riches and advancements also marriage.


Palm Tree: If the dreamer is a solitary woman and sees a palm tree, it foresees a near wedding or a celebration.


Queen: A ruler, it prognosticates achievement in all the activities.


Railroad: A railroad it predicts the arrival a pleasant visit from a friend.


Sardines: To dream of Sardines, eating sardines foretells good news.


Table: If you see a filled table, it anticipates delight and success. Then again if you see an unfilled table, your fortune is in danger.


Umbrella: If you see an umbrella, you should take any chance to win fortune.


Vineyard: Walking all through a vineyard predicts earnest relationship, and a wedding taken after by a happy and long life,riches,  encompassed by many children.


Wagon: Dreaming of a red wagon indicates fast news coming your way.


Xylophone: A xylophone  predicts the new happy occasions will come into your life.


Yacht: Meaning of a yacht indicates authority and promise.


Zebra: A zebra predicts antagonistic vibe and battles between friends.

Ancient Dream Beliefs, Meanings & Different Types

researched ancient dreams

Studies on the web and even in books show that we spend about eight hours a day, 56 hours seven days, 240 hours multi month and 2,920 hours a year resting – that’s more than 30% of our lives just in dreaming!  Rest helps the body heal itself and recharge.

 Dream interpretations date back to 3000 BC where they were reported on clay tablets.

Greeks Romans, Egypt Belief in Dream Meanings

In the Greek and Roman era, dreams were viewed as messages from the divine beings and accepted to have healing forces.  In Egypt, dreams were viewed as prophetic and a sign from outside spirits. .

What are the Different Kinds of Dreams?

You may read in dream meaning books or even when browsing the web the different kinds, but below you will get a very short, yet sweet version of the different meanings.

what are different kinds of dreams Prophetic (Predicting)
These dreams are known to be very
graphic, unique, and very up to date with someones
current life situations. These are dreams that
may come true ( in parts) after you see them. 

What are and what do Lucid Dreams mean?

 Lucid Dreaming is
knowing that your dreaming in a dream and finding
out in your mind that ‘this is fake, its not really
going to effect me so i wont get so scared’. Or you
may have a lucid sensation that’s a bit more extreme and
you can control everything around you and actually
feel your body moving. What ever you think is going
to happen, you make happen, and you actually feel
yourself and others as if it were to be in real

Symbolism in Awakening

In awakening ,  you feel as if
though you have awakened from your sleep and you
start doing your daily morning routine. In a
nightmare situation you may feel that you are
awakening more than 3 times, and are frightened
about getting back to real life, but it will slowly fade.

Interpreting your Nightmares

The top cause of nightmares is due to stress and restlessness. Your
unconscious goes through everything that there is.
Something small that you may over look is actually
stress, and if you don’t have enough sleep during
the day and now are use to it, it still means your
body isn’t that happy with the amount of sleep that
you’re giving it. Using a dream catcher can stop nightmares.

Are you Seeing a Sign ?

When dreaming you may notice a specific sign,song,word,
or anything that is personally given to you or for
you. These are known as sign dreams, they are meant
to help you chose the correct path on life. So
always remember what that sign said and it will
guide you down the correct path. These types of dreams you can do a symbol search for.



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