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    All dreams have a special meaning. Analyzing your dreams will allow you to know what the future holds for you. Some dreams indicate riches and others may indicate warnings. Astrology Junction's dream dictionary online is a great way to understand a quick dream dictionary interpretation and meaning. If you're really into finding an accurate dream dictionary , take a look at Astrology Junction's Mystic Dream dictionary book. It is the worlds #1 household dream dictionary book with a full a to z dream dictionary and other divinations.

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    Interpret Types of Dreams:

     Two People = Same Dream

    Have you ever had a dream about a person or a thing and another person has dreamt the exact or close to the same thing about what you have dreamt of. Well that's known as a two people dream. Sharing a dream with someone can be very freaky at first thought, but you will ultimately find that the dream will lead to something in real life, so pay attention.

    Epic Dreams Epic dreams are the coolest most vivid dreams one can have. They have great colors, existence to them, and a beauty you cannot overlook. Anything good and bad in the dream will feel so vivid and life changing. These dreams may change your perspective in some areas of life and generally make you feel more enlightened.