The Planets in Astrology

Wonder what each astrology Planet special meaning is? Read below.

The Sun

Planet Meaning in Astrology : Personality and Self

The Moon

Planet Meaning in Astrology : Emotions and Feelings


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Messenger and Communications


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Love and Luxury


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Aggression and Passion


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Luck and Growth


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Lessons and Fears


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Changes and Self Expression


Planet Meaning in Astrology : Metamorphosis and Transformation


Top 3 Planetary Events October Through November: Scorpio and Sagittarius


Read the astrological planetary event of October through November 2017 and discover how they will affect your zodiac sign.Scorpio and Sagittarius have an amazing time ahead with the upcoming planetary movements.

October 23. Sun Enters Sign of Scorpio. The sun entering Scorpio brings a great time of happiness, clarity, and a moment for Scorpio to finally take action and responsibility in life.


November 5. Mercury Enters Sign of Sagittarius Mercury will instantly bring Sagittarius amazing communication skills, both vocal and written. This is a great time for Sagittarius to become very understood by others, make new friends, and accomplish new tasks.


November 7. Venus Enters Sign of Scorpio Venus will bring Scorpio pleasure, love, and chance. Venus is a great planet that will show Scorpio a much softer side.


Nov 21.Sun Enters Sign of Sagittarius. The Sun will bring Sagittarius great enlightenment, a strong male figure influence, and a chance for stability in life.