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Terms and Conditions   - Currently Active as of OCT 2020

The following terms are effective on all purchases. Purchasers will be provided location to review terms before purchase. If the following terms shall change, purchasers may refer to the URL of terms and conditions and print a copy.

Identifying names of parties in these terms.

Book is referring to - Mystic Your Mystery - Your Unconscious- Your Destiny - Your Sign.

Purchaser: Other Client Name Client/Purchaser/You/Your.

We- Website- G.E LLC (abbrv)- /Our.

1.Use of Book.

This book is only for personal use.  Review copyright law and entire terms and conditions.


$65- One-time price per purchase.


Book is available electronically in a PDF file format ( .pdf). 700 Pages total. Includes additional pick of fate, lovers handbook, and printable tarot cards.

4.Place of Purchase

The only place where this electronic book is available is on, purchase screen will got to send owl and revert to paypal for secure payment

5.Copyright Law

Book,text,graphics, is under copyright law.

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof

may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever.

No part of this book may be reproduced,resold,spin-ed, or transmitted in any shape or form or by any means, electronic or mechanical or natural ways, including photocopying,copying, recording,uploading or by an information storage and retrieval system. Purchaser Terms and Conditions on AstrologyJunction are active and Apply. Please refer all pertinent questions to Astrology Junction and review Number 8. G.E abbreviate.

Copyright Id number- TXu001977983

Book: Mystic Your Mystery - Your Unconscious- Your Destiny - Your Sign.

Only Available on:

6.Transaction- Payment Window.

Paypal will be responsible for online payments and Paypal will be what we use as the payment window. Paypal allows a purchaser to use a variety of credit cards to make a purchase.

To ensure the maximum security, we have a secure HTTPS SSL Certificate installed on the purchase page to block website attackers on the purchase page.

We are not liable for attackers on the purchase page.

We do not keep your credit card information or billing address. Review 9 and 10.

We are not liable for your credit card information or anything fraudulent that may happen upon purchase or after purchase. Being that we do not control Paypal, you may inquire and claim this information to

We advise you keep your purchase information,receipt, and email for your private records.

7.Refund Policy

There is no refund after purchase unless the book was purchased duplicate times accidentally by the same purchaser. For this duplicate error, we will give a refund. In normal terms with no accident, there is no refund after purchase.

8.Purchaser Prohibited Rules

You are prohibited from reselling,releasing,  and or redistributing this book and any part of this book for personal use or commercial use in any way, shape, or form/format.

You are prohibited from removing the pre-added password from this book disabling  mouse actions for security.

You are prohibited from uploading or sharing the entire book or any part of the book ( image or text) in any format, on the internet and or through any physical forms.

You are prohibited from copying,re-writing,modify,translating, spinning, and or re-sharing  the book in any form through the internet or through physical forms.

You are prohibited from hacking and retrieving any information or book copies.

You are prohibited from Slander, Malicious, Defamation, and any other false statements given in oral,written format through the internet or other physical machinery that regard this purchase,book,copyright author and any information on

You are prohibited from providing false information when purchasing the book.

You are prohibited from being under the age of 18 when purchasing this book.

You are prohibited from any unlawful doings on the internet or through other existing forms that are directed towards this BOOK,G.E LLC, and or Astrology Junction (domain and or keyword).

You are prohibited to releasing private email information between astrology junction publicly in any shape, way and or form.

You are prohibited from giving your private downloading link to anyone else.

Breach of any one of the terms on the terms and conditions will result in an immediate legal action.  Please review copyright rule.

9.Client Information Collected - Client IP and Cookie Privacy Policy will only collect Purchasers IP Address, Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

Cookies may be stored on your browser,but you may clear your cookies or go on a VPN.

11.Book Liability

G.E LLC and does not take responsibility for your actions if you may be influenced by the book. The book gives information, G.E LLC abbr, and is not liable how a purchaser may apply that information to his/herself daily actives and any actions that they may take.Book is made for informational and entertainment purpose.

11. Changes to this Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to make any changes needed to the terms and conditions. If there are any changes to this terms and conditions document, please review the date at the top right section of the terms and conditions document to read which last terms and conditions will be applied for purchase terms.


For any questions or general inquiries, please contact AstrologyJunction primary email address at:

We also recommend for a purchaser to review self-help information and review the entire purchase process.

13.Required Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applied worldwide.These terms and conditions apply to each purchaser. Breach of terms and conditions will result in immediate legal action.A future purchaser must not purchase the book without accepting these terms and conditions. By checking this terms and conditions and authorizing your payment for this book, you have agreed to acknowledge and accept all of the full terms and conditions provided. We recommend you to print these terms and conditions for your records.