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  Learn more information about astrological zodiac sign Aquarius. Discover Aquarius sign dates, element, color, day, symbolic animal, mythology, personality, and ruling planet below.

Dates: What month is Aquarius Born in?: January 20 - February 18

Element: Air

Color: Light Blue

Lucky Lucky Day: Wednesday

Symbolic: The Water Bearer

Ruled by: Uranus

About Zodiac Sign Aquarius Personality: Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign in astrology. Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius are often very unique individuals. Aquarians don’t have a problem with showing off their personality no matter how different it is. Aquarius can go very far in life and achieve their true life goals only if they are completely true to their being.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Horoscope

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Aquarius Ancient Myths

There once was a youthful prince named Ganymede , he was known as the most handsome man of Troy. The legend says that Zeus had his eye on Ganymede for his beauty so with that he transformed himself into a giant eagle and grabbed Ganymede from Mount Ida and took him to young olympus to be his servant. Zeus decided that he wanted the boy to be his lover and his drink server. One day Ganymede was tiered of all the nonsense, so he took all of Zeus's wines and water from the gods and poured it all out to waste. He refused to be Zeus's drink server. The legend says that after Ganymede did this the Earth was flooded due to days of rainstorms. Zeus was first very angry by this action,but as he took a moment to himself he came to an understanding that he might have been too harsh to Ganymede.

Aquarius Celebs

Harry Styles Born: February 1,1994 in England.

Cristiano Ronaldo Born: February 5,1985 in Portugal.

Michael Jordan Born: February 17,1963 in New York.

Ed Sheeran Born: February 17,1991 in England.

Shakira Born: February 2,1977 in Colombia.

Ellen DeGeneres Born: January 26,1958 in Louisiana.

Bob Marley Born: February 6,1945 in Jamaica.

Jennifer Aniston Born: February 11,1969 in California.

Alicia Keys Born: January 25,1981 in New York.

Oprah Winfrey Born: January 29,1954 in Mississippi.

Rick Ross Born: January 28,1976 in Mississippi.

Big Show Born: February 8,1972 in South Carolina.

Portia de Rossi Born: January 31, 1973 in Australia.

Aquarius Daily Inspirational Quote: “We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale