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Learn more information about astrological zodiac sign Aries. Discover Aries dates, element, color, day, symbolic animal, mythology, personality, and ruling planet below.

Aries Zodiac Sign

Dates: What month is Aries Born in?: March 21 - April 19

Element: Fire

Color: Red

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Symbolic Animal: The Ram

Ruled by: Mars

About Astrology Zodiac Sign Aries Personality: Aries is the 1st zodiac sign in astrology. Being the youngest sign in the zodiac, Aries is known to be a very outgoing,carefree, and willful zodiac sign. Although this sign craves adventure and constant change, Aries has the power to become a great ruler if committed to a goal.

Zodiac Sign Aries Horoscope

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Aries Ancient Myths

There once was a god named Ares , he was known to be the god of war.Athena was Ares sister, she unlike her brother took time to plan out attacks, unlike Ares who was a bit on the impulsive side.There was a rumor that Ares tried to kill Andonis who was Aphrodites secret lover.

Top Celebs Under Aries Zodiac Sign

Lady Gaga Born: March 28,1986 in New York.

Jessie J Born: March 27,1988 in England.

Emma Watson Born: April 15, 1990 in France.

The Undertaker Born: March 24,1965 in Texas.

Pharrell Williams Born: April 5, 1973 in Virginia.

Kourtney Kardashian Born: April 18,1979 in California.

Kristen Stewart Born: April 9,1990 in California.

Mariah Carey Born: March 27,1970 in New York.

Jackie Chan Born: April 7,1954 in Hong Kong.

Candace Cameron Born: April 6,1976 in California.

Aries Daily Inspirational Quote: “Look at the sparrows; they do not know what they will do in the next moment. Let us literally live from moment to moment.” – Mahatma Gandhi