Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the one of the most spontaneous and careless signs that love the feeling of freedom!

Aries Birthdate:

Born: March 21- April 19

The Ram

Aries Weekly Tarot Card Prediction

Six of Swords This tarot card indicates you are about to go on some journey this wee. This may be a new chapter in your life. It may be closing a door and opening a new one. This card can also mean a physical and or spiritual journey that you go through. A voyage of some kind that cand lead to exploration in indicated here. Allow yourself to be very open and positive during this time.

Aries Monthly Weather Forecast

Read your zodiac weather forecast for the month of June 2015 by clicking below.

Aries Ancient Myths

There once was a god named Ares , he was known to be the god of war.Athena was Ares sister, she unlike her brother took time to plan out attacks, unlike Ares who was a bit on the impulsive side.There was a rumor that Ares tried to kill Andonis who was Aphrodites secret lover.

Aries Famous Celebs

Lady Gaga Born: March 28,1986 in New York.

Jessie J Born: March 27,1988 in England.

Emma Watson Born: April 15, 1990 in France.

The Undertaker Born: March 24,1965 in Texas.

Pharrell Williams Born: April 5, 1973 in Virginia.

Kourtney Kardashian Born: April 18,1979 in California.

Kristen Stewart Born: April 9,1990 in California.

Mariah Carey Born: March 27,1970 in New York.

Jackie Chan Born: April 7,1954 in Hong Kong.

Candace Cameron Born: April 6,1976 in California.