Birthdate: March 21 - April 19

May Monthly Love: When you feel it is right to move on, trust your feelings and do it.

May Monthly Career: There is a situation in work that needs you, use the tools you have to find a solution.

Mystic Monthly Message for You: Take on all your responsibilities this month, that will be the first and best way to allow you to start fresh. Want to know more about tarot meanings, tarot spreads, dream dictionary a to z meanings, and astrology? Over 100,000 people love mystic, More Mystic

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Monthly Tarot Card Draw: Eight of Pentacles

Aries 2018 Monthly May Horoscope :

Aries,this is the month where you need to use your intelligence to solve a problem. If you have been dealing with an ongoing issue, some work is still needed, but you will accomplish your task. There is a great chance of earning finances this month based on self efforts given in a situation.

Quick June Horoscope Situation involving 3 people, change, new direction, and movement.

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