Astrology is an investigation of the association amongst planets and life on Earth. It is based on an idea that vitality patterns form between different planets and Earth; and that these energies affect our lives as individuals and networks by affecting our physical, mental and spiritual measurements.

Astrology also deals with visual imagery. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are symbolic of great and powerful forces. The physical planets are nevertheless the external forms through which the spirit energies manifest. It is these energies, not the physical planets, that affect our physical bodies, our day to day living, mood, , the entire of our being, our understanding and our spiritual development.

Explaining Birth and Natal Charts.

A Birth Chart or a Natal Chart, (think of it as) a long a road map that demonstrates the conditions you will meet in your life. The planets and stars are composed about by the researchers. Each one of us is an interesting individual and has an alternate chart and an alternate story; and therefore we are affected by the stars and planets for the entire of our life while we are on Earth. Since Ancient times, individuals have endeavored to understand the patterns and developments of stars, planets and the Moons. They assist us with measuring time and foresee the seasons.

Learning to know yourself, and therefore awaken your talents, is all part of living a happy healthy life. The more exploration one can do, the better it is for self growth and expansion. Your Astrological Reading can help by pointing out the repeating patterns throughout your life, of which you may not intentionally know, and showing you the statures to which you can aspire keeping in mind the end goal to realize the genuine potential of your spirit’s motivation. We can help you along these lines by sending you your very own reading personal natal chart.

What are the astrology Houses

The Houses

The 12 houses of astrology in relation with the zodiac signs.

The First House

Aries and Mars

The primary house has to do with how we appear or the way we go over to others, subsequently our appearance and personality. This house manages our personal self and everything about us that draws a reaction from our surroundings or others.

The Second House

Taurus and Venus

The second house is worried about how we react to or field whatever motivations or exceptional and personal qualities we manifest via our first house. This is the means by which we hold or “have” personal assets, cash, belonging, material attachments, earning and spending habits.

The Third House

Gemini and Mercury

The third house is worried about explorations, inquiry and research of all kinds. It also leads associations and communications – anything that we can get past with our body, mind, voice, or letters. It is here that we investigate and search for the breaking points of our life, whatever we are working with right now.

The Fourth House

Cancer and the Moon

The fourth house is the place we send down roots, find our points of confinement, and generally secure ourselves. It is the finish of any searching we may have done in the third house. Here we find or end our search, settle down, and manage to get possessing the entire situation.This is the base of our experience, the center or thick of it.

The Fifth House

Leo and the Sun

The fifth house has to do with feeling (to move out), and articulation (to press out). Here there is always a growing feeling of fearlessness and even a pride of proprietorship, since we begin to perceive and possess our experience. All forms of articulation and offspring are associated with this house – kids, animals, creative articulation, and so on.

The Sixth House

Virgo and Mercury

The 6th house has to do with salvaging and preserving what is great and healthy as far as we can tell. Here we separate the wheat from the chaff. We begin to care for ourselves and our experience.The 6th house is an attempt to save the heart of an affair, one that already by that attempt is beginning to pass or not adhere.

The Seventh House

Libra and Venus

The seventh house is the place of partnerships, relationships, and all that carries us past our personal self into an awareness of other individuals, network, and the like. This includes spiritual awakening and the revelation that we are something beyond our personality.

The Eighth House

Scorpio and Pluto

The eighth house, traditionally the place of death, is worried about getting freed of abundance parts of ourselves that we see we never again require. The simple quality of the eighth house makes it useful for business wanders since here we are stripping away the dross to reveal reality or substance of the subject.

The Ninth House

Sagittarius and Jupiter

The ninth house covers long adventures and religion (the longest excursion of all). Here is what remains of the purification that takes place in the eighth house – the seed, or embodiment, of a whole cycle of involvement. Essential ideas, logic, and all that is the plain heart of things have a place here.

The Tenth House

Capricorn and Saturn

The tenth house is a place of practical vision and clairvoyance, for here we can see clearly what is. Reputation and career are often associated with this house, since the areas where we can see with greatest clarity are those we frequently can put to use to make a living. Planets transiting this house may give snapshots of insight and clear-seeing as well.

The Eleventh House

Aquarius and Uranus

This has to do with putting our dreams to work. We have been on the mountain and had a dream (tenth house). Presently we take our promises to never forget what we have seen and to strive to make our dreams a reality. This house has always been associated with altruistic goals and trying to set them in movement.

The Twelfth House

Pisces and Neptune

The twelfth house is about what we experience keeping in mind the end goal to make our dreams into reality and manifest them in our general surroundings. It covers what we are willing to endure, the sacrifices we will make keeping in mind the end goal to bring to fulfillment what is really important.