Libra Drive behind work and career quotes

Libra Life Goal

 Libra is born between September 23 – October 22.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus and symbolizes The Scales.

Their lucky day is Friday.

Libra is known to be very  energetic, graceful, elegant, and charismatic.

The reason what drives this zodiac sign to work harder is to have a great family and social life. Libra yearns for this balance!

Libra Career Quotes!


What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. ~Oscar Wilde


Being able to touch so many people through my businesses, and make money while doing it, is a huge blessing. ~Magic Johnson


Don’t let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning. ~Robert Kiyosaki


Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you’re not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were. ~David Rockefeller


I have not failed. I’ve just found , ways that won’t work. ~Thomas A. Edison


You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life. ~Steve Jobs