Pisces Dreams vs Action

 Pisces is a big dreamer. They will have very big goals that they will try to achieve. Pisceans love to prove everyone wrong and do something that will wow the room. They believe that everything is possible and are determined to show people that this is actually true. Being ruled by the Neptune, Pisces is loves to dream on and on. However, Neptune also brings dreams and illusion. So over dreaming will hurt a Pisces more then benefit. If a Piscean dreams more then works at the plan, there is no action being taken. This will result in months passing by and those dreams feeling like they are going on for forever. Read below the top 4 tips for Pisces to cut out some of the dreaming and start doing!

Tip 1- Waking up early. The morning really gives us a wake up call. Waking up at 5am is surely different then waking up at 9pm.

Tip 2- What matters. Think about what matters in life for you Pisces and then you’ll know if this is the right path for you.

Tip 3-Planning- Write your thoughts down. Getting this on paper will prevent you to change your ideas too many times and now a visual layout is even clearer.

Tip 4- Dreaming at night- Working in the day time, getting things done, going by a schedule, and then dreaming at night is the best way to use Neptune’s power to your benefit.

Read the Top 5 Pisces Inspirational Quotes Below !


Change is not pleasant, But change is constant. Only when we change and grow, We’ll see a world we never know. ~From Wisdom of The Orange Woodpecker


I am not my memories. I am my dreams. ~ Terry Hostetler


Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude. – Denis Waitley


Just know, when you truly want success, you’ll never give up on it. No matter how bad the situation may get. – Unknown


   Do it with passion, or not at all.  — Rosa Nouchette Carey