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Astrology Forecast Events in the Stars

There are always new planetary events going in which do shake up somethings for certain zodiac signs. Astrology Junction has provided a great explanation for upcoming forecasts. Read below the quick chart for 2018’s astrology future forecast up in the sky!

Celestial Movements: Astrology Forecast from June 2018 to December 2018

Astrology Forecast for June 28,2018 - Capricorn Experiences a Full Moon.

This is an exhilarating moment for Capricorn. The moon will shine bright on Capricorn’s dreams, personal desires, and be a blessing to new ventures.

Astrology Forecast for June 29, 2018- Mercury Enters Leo.

Mercury is known to be the planet of communication and also called the messenger planet. This is a great moment for Leo in terms of communication. This is a very clear period where Leo will fully express what they have to say.

Astrology Forecast for July 9, 2018- Venus, Planet of Love, Enters Virgo.

Virgo is known to be a very responsible, logical, and pre-planned individual in the zodiac. When venus enters Virgo, this can indicate a great time in terms of relationships. Both business and love relationships should be explored. Luxuries are there waiting for Virgo, but Virgo must learn to take sometime off and relax. When planet Venus enters astrological sign Virgo, there will be positive vibrations in the love filled air.

Astrology Forecast for July 12, 2018- Cancer New Moon.

This new moon in Cancer will certainly bring new cleansing in life. This is a time for change, removing the old, and doing that spring cleaning that is required to remove all bad habits and people out of ones life. The new moon is positive for Cancer.

Astrology Forecast for July 22, 2018- The Sun Enters Leo.

In the study of this divination, even beginners will know that Leo the lion, is ruled by the Sun. When the Sun enters Leo on July 22, 2018, it will be a very big moment for Leo. This is a period of power, glory, and worldly recognitions.

Sky Prediction Forecast for July 26, 2018- Mercury Goes Retrograde in Leo-

It is time for this zodiac sign to buckle up, back up their tech, and be very patient when it comes to communication. When mercury goes retrograde, it means that this messenger planet is doing the opposite and is not being the best communicator. All forms of communication during this period must be more focused and careful.

On July 26, 2018, Uranus Goes into Retrograde

When planet Uranus goes into a retrograde, meaning it visually appears that it is going backwards in the sky, for signs of the zodiac, this has another meaning. When going retrograde, it will be a time to start living the way you want to live. This is a time that the chains will break free and you will have great freedom.

Astrology Forecast for July 27, 2018- Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius full moon and then lunar eclipse can bring life changing moments. It is always smart for Aquarius to be very cautious during this periodic moment, but also be very driven to achieve certain goals.

Forecast for August 3, 2018 - Venus Goes into Libra.

Libra’s are known to be very relationship oriented. They do love to have a solid love life and also be adored by those who surround them. Venus will bring a lot of gifts, affection, and new relationships in Libra’s life.

On August 12, 2018, Mars will Retrograde - Capricorn

Capricorn is known to be one of those zodiac signs that tend to be hard workers. They are logical individuals, yet they are passionate and do love to dream big. When Mars goes into retrograde for Capricorn, their drive and energy may not be as high as before. It is a great idea to stay cool, calm, and as people say, collected. This is not a time for extremes. Capricorn must identify the importance of their priorities and not get distracted by other things that may come their way.

On August 19, 2018, Mercury goes direct

When Mercury has gone in retrograde,it will be a time where all business and all other activity that involves communication will be problematic. Communication may not be too clear or precise. It is a period where you must make sure that you have everything backed up and all decisions must not be made on impulse. However, on August 19, 2018, Mercury is going direct and this is great news for all the signs. When mercury goes direct, it indicates great communication of all forms and great travel.

On August 23, 2018, The Sun will enter Virgo

The Sun will bring life, joy, delight, and fame to Virgo. This is a great time for children, business, love, and personal development. The Sun will bring Virgo new perspective and provide Virgo the ability to reach new heights in life.

Astrology Forecast for August 26, 2018 - Pisces Full Moon.

In western and sun sign astrology, Pisces is known to be the 12th sign of the zodiac and one of the wisest in the bunch. The full moon in Pisces in August 26, 2018 brings great change, accomplishments, and will wish fulfillments that will make the final month of summer a truly great one!

On August 27, 2018, Mars goes Direct

Mars is the planet of passion and aggression, as Mars comes out of its redirect and goes back direct, this is will bring great energy, drive, and passion!

On September 5, 2018, Planet Mercury will enter Virgo

Those who are born under Virgo are known to be the most organized and fact based individuals. When the planet Mercury enters Virgo, this will be a great time for business, and all things that generally involve communication. Mercury is called the messenger planet. During this period, receiving and transmitting new information will be clear and successful. Virgo will get its point across and this is a period where a raise or promotion is also indicated.

On September 9, 2018,Venus will enter Scorpio

When Venus enters Scorpio on September, 9, this will be a time where Scorpio will find it much easier to love again. Exploring the past may be an option, but a surprise in the future as Venus is in Scorpio, is a bigger possibility. This is a time where Scorpio will enjoy the best out of things. Feelings will be fully expressed and relationships will grow!

On September 21, 2018, Planet Mercury will enter Libra

Planet Mercury will bring Libra great travel and communication on all ends. This is a very expressive time for Libra and with Mercury on its side, everything will turn out as planned.

On September 22, 2018, the Sun enters Libra

The Sun will bring Libra great joy with family and children, possible birth announcement, improvement of all love relationships, and an increase in popularity. The Sun will illuminate Libra’s most important points of life that need focus. Libra will find this period to be very problem solving and joyful.

On October 5, 2018, Venus goes in retrograde

Around every 18 months, Venus goes into a retrograde. During this moment, Venus may provide some friction and difficulty in matters of love and affection. One may have a hard time to trust or to let go. The good news is that on November 16, 2018, Venus will go back in Direct.

On October 8, 2018, New Moon

The new moon is known to bring change and allow us to make those changes. It is time to get rid of bad energies and keep only what is most important and meaningful to you in your life. The new moon is a very cleansing, you must allow it to cleans your life by doing your part and finding out what needs to be cleansed.

On October 9, 2018, Mercury Enters Scorpio

Planet Mercury will enter Scorpio on October the 9th of 2018 and this will bring this sign great change in terms of expression, both vocal and written. Mercury will bring Scorpio new surfacing information and clarity that will prevent certain things that have happened in the past due to miscommunications. Scorpio will feel very open this period to start doing something new, meeting new people, and travel are likely to be involved.

On October 23, 2018, The Sun will Enter Scorpio

October 2018 will be a great month for Scorpio, previously on the 9th, Mercury entered Scorpio illuminating all forms of communication and now the Sun will enter scorpio on the 23rd resulting to great change in scorpios growth and life recognitions. The sun will bring Scorpio new findings in life, a new job, talent, and something very blessed is coming. The sun will also help Scorpio feel more confident in areas that lack responsibility.

On October 24, 2018, Full Moon in Taurus

The full moon in Taurus will bring to surface goals, desires, and dreams. Taurus is one who does not become very vocal externally with others. The Full moon may make Taurus react unusually in certain ways, but this is a good thing. During this moment when the full moon enters Taurus, there will be a focus point and a break through on important areas of life.

Forecast November 8, 2018, Jupiter Enters Sagittarius

Jupiter is known to be the King of Gods and when entering Sagittarius, this planet will be very influential to this zodiac sign. Sagittarius will find a new purpose in life, a new talent, or a development of something great. Jupiter also brings great insight and provides Sagittarius a way to reach their goals. During this period, Sagittarius must learn to avoid the opinions of others and rather focus on self.

Forecast November 15, 2018, Mars Enters Pisces

Mars is known to be a red planet that is filled with passion, lust, and aggression. On November 15th, Mars will enter the 12th sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces will feel very motivated and driven during this period. This planet will influence Pisces to get out of their dreamy bubble that they have formed and enter more of a mean strike when it comes to finishing projects and accomplishing certain wishes.

Forecast November 16, 2018, Venus becomes Direct Again

Venus, the planet of love and luxury will go direct on November 16, 2018. This means that love and relationships will be smooth flowing. Affection will be blossoming and we can enjoy the luxuries that we have been given in life. This also indicates expansion and new friends.

Your Forecast December 2, 2018, Venus enters Scorpio

On December 1, 2018, Scorpio will be hit by a Mercury retrograde. On December the 2nd, the planet of Love, Venus will be entering Scorpio. This is a great time and will bring Scorpio a new found love, but since Mercury will be in retrograde, communication must always be re-evaluated. Stay away from arguments and avoid acting on impulse. Things may not mean what they might seem to mean. Trust your feelings. on December 6, 2018, Mercury will go back direct for Scorpio.

Sky Forecast December 12, 2018, Mercury enters Sagittarius

This is a great period for Sagittarius to fully express their emotions. They can start writing a book or even speaking publicly. Things will be very well understood and explained during this period. Mercury will bring Sagittarius new skill as well as greater insight on all aspects of life. Learning and taking new responsibilities is possible during this period.

Universe Forecast December 31, 2018, Mars enters Aries

Have you ever wondered who is aries ruling planet? Mars, is the answer! On December the 31st, Mars will go home to Aries. This is a big moment for those who are born under this sign. Aries is known to be very wild, carless, and courages. When Mars enters its sign, Aries will be much more amplified in all portions of life. Passions will grow and the motivation behind everything will be much bigger, more meaningful, and deeper. This is a remarkable time that is coming to Aries.

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Predictions Weather Meanings

Sun : New Job opportunities, a day, a project completed,acknowledgement, satisfaction higher income, good day for planning.Great day for finances.

Cloudy Sun Good day to stay inside. A bitter sweet day. Not much going on today. You may get upset by something really small today.

Cloudy Foggy ou may not be receiving news of some kind today. Unaware of a fact. Unable to determine or set any goals, or plans for the future today. Best to keep a constant schedule and just continue on.

Rain Self insecurity,small arguments, crying,pain. A missed flight. A plan that goes wrong. Financial inability. Being at a bad position unable to control a situation.

Thunder Anger, fights,disputes,loosing a job.

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