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     Learn more information about astrological zodiac sign Capricorn . Discover Capricorn sign dates, element, color, day, symbolic animal, mythology, personality, and ruling planet below.

Dates: What month is Capricorn Born in?: December 22 - January 19

Element: Earth

Color: Brown

Lucky Day: Saturday

Symbolic Animal: The Goat

Ruled by: Saturn

About Zodiac Sign Capricorn Personality: Capricorn is the 10th zodiac sign in astrology. Capricorn is known to be one of the hardest working zodiac signs in the bunch. Capricorns are very hopeful, determined, and honest in life. They must follow a constant schedule, but also have alot of faith in what their doing to truly succeed.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Horoscope

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Capricorn Mythology

Pricus was a sea goat, his front was a goat and his back was a fishes tail. Pricus was the most honorable of them all as he ran and was the father of acouple of race sea goats. Pricus like Chrono's has the ability to manipulate time. When Pricus's children landed near the shore, they pulled their body out with their frontal goat legs and laid there. However, the longer they stay outside of the water, the more their body would change from a sea goat to a regular goat. Pricus was very angry and upset by this happening. Some of his children who had retreated to the shore had transformed, they were no longer able to speak,swim, or to have the same abilities as before. Pricus wanted to prevent this so it wouldn't happen to any of his other nobel children. Pricus comes up with a great idea. He manipulates time, he changes time back, and all his sea goats who had become goats would change back to sea goats as time was reversed to before they touched the shore. However, Pricus was the only one un effected by the time change. This meant that none of the sea goats had any memory of this happening and even though Pricus would warn and warn them about the shore, they were drawn to it, they would go to the shore, and Pricus would have to reverse time all over again. Overtime Pricus realized that he cannot control his children's destiny. Pricus was the only sea goat left and he became miserable. He asked Chronos to allow him to die, however Chronos allowed him to still live,but in a different way. Chronos put Pricus up in the sky as Capricorn. Now Pricus was able to overlook his children from the highest point.

Capricorn Famous Celeb Birthdays

Selena Gomez Born: July 22,1992 in Texas.

LeBron James Born: December 30,1984 in Ohio.

Pitbull Born: January 15, 1981 in Florida.

Liam Hemsworth Born: January 13, 1990 in Australia.

Nina Dobrev Born: January 9, 1989 in Bulgaria.

Ellie Goulding Born: December 30,1986 in England.

Michelle Obama Born: January 17,1964 in Illinois.

Betty White Born: January 17, 1922 in Illinois.

Jim Carrey Born: January 17,1962 in Canada.

Kate Middelton Born: January 9,1982 in England.

Psy Born: December 31,1977 in North Korea.

Capricorn Daily Inspirational Quote: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great makes you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain