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Sagittarius love the arts, being vocal and showing off to the world! Sagittarius Birthdate: Born: November 22- December 21 The Archer (also known as) – The Centaur Sagittarius Weekly Tarot Card Prediction The King of Swords tarot card represents a man who is very serious, wise, and harsh at times to survive in life. This tarot card …



New Insightful Astrology Articles covering News, Events, and Planetary Movements Astrology Articles is being updated. Check back soon as Astrology Junction will have some great new and updated articles! Beautiful Gazing Influence of the Stars The stars may give a few answers on the most proficient method to experience our lives a superior way. Be …


2015 Astrology Events Calendar

Read all astrology events for 2015 January 3 and 4 Quadrantids Meteor Shower 5 Full Moon 20 New Moon February 3 Full Moon 6 Jupiter is in an Opposition 18 New Moon 22 Venus and Mars Conjunction 24 Greatest Western Mercury Elongation March 5 Full Moon NASA’S Dawn spacecraft will cross paths with Ceres. 20 …