According to Chinese Astrology, 2015 is known to be The Year of the Sheep.

The Sheep

The sheep is known to be a very hard working and determined animal. He has a tender heart that is very considerate of others. His hard work will bring him riches. This can indicate that 2015 is a year where you will need to work a bit,but in the end you will get what you most desire. One of the Sheep’s lucky colors is GREEN. Green is often associate with money,finances,wealth, as the color of a bill is green. 2015 is a great year to complete any new projects, pick up on any old things that you have left in the past, this is the perfect time to make things work. By learning how to multitask and balance things out you will be on the best track to reaching your goals.

The Sheep’s Best Matches :

Rabbit, Pig, and Horse

The Sheep’s Worst Matches:

Tiger, Dog, and Ox


The year of the Sheep has a center on health which you need to focus on. This is the year to try to keep the weight that you have now if its healthy, and if its not try healthy dieting with exercise. Eating the right foods can help you lose what you need to get to the healthy level where you want to be.Being that 2015 may be so busy, all of the zodiac signs may not be so focused on nutrition. This should be at the top of your list this year to be as healthy as you can. The Sheep Promotes all dairy products this year.

The Sheep and the Zodiac Signs

Chinese Astrology is known to be a form of astrology that does use animals (not based on birth-dates,but birth years) however, Chinese Astrology can relate to western astrology. The Sheep Does affect all 12 of the zodiac signs. Read Below for each analysis:


Aries, the Sheep will have a very good impact on you. Prepare to feel more optimistic this year. You will find yourself looking at the glass half full, rather than half empty. This will increase your joy about your daily life and event the small things that you do. Hope will strengthen your life and guide you to an area where you are inspired and you can reach the impossible.


Taurus , the Sheep has something in store for you this year. Taurus, you may often be misunderstood by others. You may seem shy at a first impression, when you are really the opposite. At times you are obsessed with having people accept you, and that can lead you to some insecurities. This year the Sheep will influence you to understand your self worth. Prepare to explore your self internally. You will go on a spiritual journey this year and a soul exploration of some sort. You may discover hidden talents within yourself that will strengthen you and change you forever for the best.


Gemini, the Sheep has something very interesting for you. Gemini , as open as you may seem on the outside, it seem that you don’t keep that too many ‘friends’ close to you. You are one zodiac sign that may have friends, but you don’t know who most of them are because those people might have heard of you through the grape vine and you know nothing about them. This year you will be more social. Prepare to get out there, make new friends, connections, and possible fall in love through a social setting.


Cancer, the Sheep has something very good for you this year. You may have been having some trouble in the past, something might have kept you back all these years. This may have been because of your own doing even if you’ve never realized it. You are a zodiac sign who is often known to have a lot of emotion,but you keep it all inside. At times you may feel certain bursts of urges, but you don’t tell anyone and its easier to forget about it. This year be prepare to become enlightened. You will be moving forward this year in all aspects of your life by your own actions.


Leo, the Sheep has a great mix for you this year! Leo, you are known to be a very courages zodiac sign, you are the Lion of the zodiac. However, some Leo’s don’t always act brave all the time.There are things that play out in life that make you act a way that you don’t really like to act towards others. Small things like finances may irritate you and keep you very close minded. Prepare to harness your self determination and ambition this year. It will lead you to many great places, new learnings, and becoming more open and honest with yourself/others.


Virgo, the Sheep has something in store for you this year that you may relate to. So Virgo, you are known to be perfect. You want everything clean and cut and if something isn’t the way you want it done, you aren’t going to like its. This year the Sheep will have you obsessed over a project, a love, or a goal. Allow this to be a good thing and a sign that you will reach a great milestone this year.


Libra, the Sheep will bring you a more vocal gift this year. Libra, you are known to have a very kind heart, you are a great family person, and of course you do love being complimented as a zodiac sign. At times you may not speak up for what you think is right or wrong, rather you keep it bottled up inside. This year you will be a bit more hostile towards anything that you want. This may be a love,career,social life, and or any other goals that you have. You are going to become a go getter this year Libra, so just trust yourself and don’t be afraid!


Scorpio, the Sheep has some work for you this year! Prepare for a year of determination and a lot of work. This work will benefit you and how you will take things by the horns this year will determine your life path. This is the year to stay focused, remove all bad habits, and move as forward in the fastest speed as you can.


Sagittarius, the Sheep has something fun in store for you! Sagittarius, you may have been adjusting to something new lately. This may be changing a home,school, relationship, or job. In the past conflict has upsetting you and taken some of your energy. The sheep is fueling you this year with power and good vibes, so get ready to get that youthful burst back!


Capricorn, the Sheep has a new trait for you this year. Capricorn, you are one who is very good hearted, family oriented, a bit obsessive at times, and you are wanting to keep track of everything in your life. You may have learned that somethings are too hard to control, however this year you will find yourself coming to things in a more strategic way. Your hard work will pay off and you will be honored and recognized by others.


Aquarius, the Sheep is giving you something new this year! So Aquarius you are know to be one of those signs that really likes to know where everything is. You have strong views, and some of your beliefs might be ‘set to stone’ meaning no one really can change your mind. Well the Sheep will this year! This year you will be open minded in more aspects of life and you will be shocked at yourself at what perspective you’re taking life in. The Sheep can also lead those singles to a new love interest this year that will lead to a long lasting relationship.


Pisces , the Sheep will hit you with reality this year! You are known to be a very dreamy sign. You are very intuitive and you are right on with most of your thoughts, but when Jupiter and Neptune mix you do have a tendency to over do it with your day/ night dreaming. The Sheep will bring you clarity, logic, and a way to get through things in a realistic manner ( to reach the things that you have been dreaming about). This will be an amazing year for you Pisces!