Have you ever woken up one morning and said ‘ I had a big dream all night, but I don’t remember any of it.’ Big dreams that are impactful can be forgotten sometimes and that really is depressing since there may had been an important sign in the dream meant for the person to know. So how do you recall your dreams? Read the 5 ways below to naturally recall your dreams.

First Way to Enhance Dream Recall:

Comfortable bed, cleanliness, and extra pillows. Being as comfortable as possible where you sleep can lead to instant bodily relaxation which will allow a person to get up in the morning just as relaxed.

Second Way to Enhance Dream Recall:

Drinking something warm before bed. Liquids are refreshing and something warm will certainly make one a bit more drowsy to get into bet. Chamomile tea, warm milk, or other teas can set the mind to ease and let the body feel very light.

Third Way to Enhance Dream Recall:

Do you wake up by an alarm? Sometimes alarms may disrupt a dream, so if you must have an alarm by your bedside every morning, remember to always wake up at the same time. This way, your body will get use to this daily wake up schedule and it won’t be as shocked or impacted by the alarm in the mornings.

Fourth Way to Enhance Dream Recall:

Have you ever woken up, remembered your dreams, and then went back to sleep and forgot everything the 2nd time you woke up? It is important to write down your dreams even if your eyes are half open. Take a pen and journal and write down any key word or situation that you dreamt of. If you have a phone, you can lower the brightness and start typing on your phones notepad.

Use the four methods above for dream recall and you will have much more enhanced dreams and remember your dreams clearly the next day!