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Are you ready to explore the meaning of your nightly sleepers? We all sleep at night and those visions that come to us are very significant. They will always come with certain feelings, emotions, sensations, causing us to feel different moods. When recalling them, this is the place where you can find an answer to what they mean.

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Your dreams have a deeper and prophetic meaning to us. There are many different types of dream interpretations online. Astrology Junction gives the best free dream dictionary full a to z analysis and interpretation of your dream meanings.

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Dream DictionaryMany of us have vivid dreams which are very memorable dreams and we wish to know the true meaning of. A dream dictionary is an a to z online book that defines each dream one by one. These defined dreams will have a meaning that will foretell to the reader what the dream is about and what meaning does it have for the dreamer.

Why we dream?

We believe that there is a more meaningful reason why we have dreams aside from the scientific explanation of it.  Years before, it was once believed that when a person is dreaming a persons soul travels the universe.

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Most Common Dreams Most Accurate Interpretation

Read below the some most common nightly dreamy visions.

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Dreaming of your teeth

What are the Different Types of Dreams?

 Prophetic (Predicting)
These are dreams that
may come true as you see them. This dreamy imagery can
symbolize or be symbolic something that you will come soon in real
life. Dreaming in the evening and night can bring
prophetic visions. These dreams are known to be very
graphic, unique, and very up to date with someones
current life situations. This is the most common reason why people want a book for, for this method of analyzation. This you can do a symbol search on a dictionary to get the meaning of what you saw at night or in the evening.


Daydreams are dreams that you see with your eyes
open. Meaning that the front part of your sight is
on snooze and your brain is working, but with your
eyes open. You often daydream 80 minutes every day!
Daydreaming is more likely to occur during the
evening time. The best part about daydreaming is
that you can control and see whatever you want in
your mind! Although you may seem ‘out of it’, with
others you are completely alive with yourself.
After daydreaming you may feel somewhat very
light,happy,and drowsy as your alertness is coming
back. There is no symbol look up for this.

Lucid Lucid Dreaming is
knowing that your dreaming in a dream and finding
out in your mind that ‘this is fake, its not really
going to effect me so i wont get so scared’. Or you
may have a lucid sensation  thats a bit more extreme and
you can control everything around you and actually
feel your body moving. What ever you think is going
to happen, you make happen, and you actually feel
yourself and others as if it were to be in real
life. Most of the times lucid dreams are favored
and the sad part is that for many they don’t happen
that often.


Awakening dreams are dreams that you feel as if
though you have awakened from your sleep and you
start doing your daily morning routine. In a
nightmare situation you may feel that you are
awakening more than 3 times, and are frightened
about getting back to real life. This situation may
be frightening, but it will surly pass. You can
awake in dreams more than once.Awakening in dreams
is not always frightening, some may have rather a
pleasant dream.


A nightmare is a bad, disturbing, agonizing, and
scary dream that you see something bad happen to
you or someone you love. At the moment it feels so
real and it may feel as thought no matter what you
do your stuck and you don’t have any way out, and
any way out is a dead end. There are many different
types of nightmares. Most nightmares can leave one
in crying,sweating,yelling,and even moving there
arms around in the middle of the night. When
someone sees a nightmare the are ultimately stuck
with a bad feeling through out the day, and are
probably left very paranoid so the nightmare
doesn’t come true in someway.

The top cause of nightmares is due to stress and restlessness. Your
unconscious goes through everything that there is.
Something small that you may over look is actually
stress, and if you don’t have enough sleep during
the day and now are use to it, it still means your
body isn’t that happy with the amount of sleep that
you’re giving it. So this can lead to a nightmare.
If you have nightmares almost commonly during dream
time it could be because of a dark heavy past,
family issues, or drug use. If you haven’t had a
nightmare in a long time now, there are chances
that you may have one so keep that dream weaver
close by!

Repeating Have you ever been dreaming and remembered in your dream that you
remember having a dream about that same place
before. Oh Wow! Well, these are known as repeating or recurring
dreams. These kinds tend to replicate themselves
later on. They may continue and add on to where you
may have left them off in a different story sense,
or they may be somewhat completely the same. These
trippy dreams are known to leave someone more in
awe or shock.


dreaming you may notice a specific sign,song,word,
or anything that is personally given to you or for
you. These are known as sign dreams, they are meant
to help you chose the correct path on life. So
always remember what that sign said and it will
guide you down the correct path. These types of dreams you can do a symbol search for.

Start remembering your dreams, then you can use a dreaming interpretation analysis dictionary to interpret their meanings by symbol search.