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Greeks and Romans Belief in Dreams

In the Greek and Roman era, dreams were viewed as messages from the divine beings and accepted to have healing forces. In view of this conviction sanctuaries were constructed were debilitated individuals would rest and be sent fixes through their dreams. In Egypt, dreams were viewed as prophetic and a sign from outside spirits. The Chinese trusted that the spirit leaves the body to go into this world.

Native American Belief of a Dream

Some Native American civilizations share this same thought of a distinct dream meaning. They trusted that their ancestors lived in their dreams and take on non-human structures like plants. They see that dreams as a way of visiting and having contact with their ancestors. This was a sacred form of communication. Amid the Middle Ages, dreams were viewed as abhorrent and its images were temptations from the fallen angel.

How to Remember your Dreams

Many individuals insist they never dream, or rarely dream, well this has been proven otherwise. We all dream! Often it’s just that the general population forgetting their dreams previously they wake up and think that they haven’t dreamt anything! It is important that you learn how to remember your dreams, so you can learn what they are endeavoring to let you know.

Consider many months ago, do you remember each and every thing you did on a given day? Probably not. However, things that you write down in your diary, or that you talked about with other individuals, are probably easier to remember. It’s the same with dreams.

Step by step ways to Remember Your Dreams

First Step for successful recall:

Your initial phase in remembering your dreams is to WANT to remember them. You have to actually try. A few people don’t remember dreams just because they pick not to do so. It’s easier to remember things about your big day than it is about some random day. In this way, before you rest each night, repeat to yourself that you will dream, and that you want to remember those dreams. Persuade yourself that this is important to you.

The most effective method to Remember Your Dreams

Second Step for successful recall:

Lets go to number two. The second step is awaking with a new memory of the dream.Start off thinking of a symbol. Record notes about the dream, for example, I had a dream my teeth were falling out. Were there any hues in your dream? Hues have meanings. When you are able to recognize certain components in your dream you can look into their meanings in our online dream dictionary . The more you start to let your mind wander, the more you will go back into that dream, just be very natural and relaxed when doing it.

Opening the Third Eye To Remember your Dreams

Did you know that the third eye or anja charka is without a doubt the most famous of all of the vitality focuses in the human body?

Most paranormal powers, like  telepathy are associated with the third eye which have just added to its infamy in present day society. The third eye can improve memory and feeling, which leads to a better deal recall. So how exactly do you start opening your third eye and all the more importantly for what reason would you want to in any case?

There are many reasons, perhaps you want to see auras or remember your dreams.  . Toward the day’s end it doesn’t really make a difference. What does make a difference anyway is that you believe you are ready to deal with any of the outcomes that may arise from stimulating and opening your third eye!

Visualization of the 3rd Eye

You best get comfortable for this one as it expects you to be extremely super relaxed! 

Start to close your eyes and listen to what’s going ahead around you. Listen to your breathing and your heart. Once your brain has quit making a sound, focus your attention on your forehead. Make sure you are not distracted, allow yourself to let go and don’t nit pick at the small surroundings.

Maintain your focus and keep your mind calm. At some point or another you will start to see small, sharp twinges in your head. It is a very vibrant sensation when you start feeing your their eye.  Keep focused and disregard any patterns or visuals that may appear behind your eyes.

As you keep on practicing this you will see that it turns out to be substantially easier to remain aware. You may even feel a force or localized weight on your forehead. This is the awakening of the third  Experience the weight allow it to amplify it in your psyche.

With practice, you will ultimately get better and better at this.

Binaural beats

Binaural beat innovation came to conspicuousness in the public arena in the mid 90’s.

Studies indicate that certain abilities may be opened in the brain when it is subjected to tones at to a great degree low frequencies. You can even find binaural beats on youtube.

Color Chakra Meaning in yoga They can be used to stipulate your chakra and help you remember your dreams.

What I’ve found in the past is that you can increase the impact of binaural beat innovation by consolidating it with some of the other approaches I’ve said here or by devising your own! New Energy Ways works to a great degree well with it.

Interpret your Dreams

Notwithstanding dreams apparently random and bizarre substance, your dreams are actually loaded with advice, arrangements and warnings that you are giving yourself about your life at this moment. The main issue is that they are being given to you in an alternate language… dream language! 

When taking a gander at your dreams, you must remember that you can’t take anything for face value. Your dreams don’t speak in a literal language. They speak in an emblematic language. A canine, even your own puppy, to your dreaming mind is not a pooch yet rather speaks to your loyalty towards somebody or something. That dream about your youth home isn’t about that house yet rather about your identity when you lived there, that point in time in your life. Your car isn’t your car; it’s your drive and determination to get yourself where you want to go throughout everyday life.

When endeavoring to make sense of your dream, don’t take a gander AT your dream; investigate your dream. That’s the key. When you are able to understand your own dream language, you’ll discover that your dreaming life is just as important as your waking life because all the answers you require while you are awake are being given to you at require when you dream.

What are the Different Types of Dreams?

Have a Prophetic (Predicting) Dream
These are dreams that
may come true as you see them. This dreamy imagery can
symbolize or be symbolic something that you will come soon in real
life. Dreaming in the evening and night can bring
prophetic visions. These dreams are known to be very
graphic, unique, and very up to date with someones
current life situations. This is the most common reason why people want a book for, for this method of analyzation. This you can do a symbol search on a dictionary to get the answer of what you saw at night or in the evening.


Daydreams are dreams that you see with your eyes
open. So, in other words,  that the front part of your sight is
on snooze and your brain is working, but with your
eyes open. You often daydream 80 minutes every day!
Daydreaming is more likely to occur during the
evening time. The best part about daydreaming is
that you can control and see whatever you want in
your mind! Although you may seem ‘out of it’, with
others you are completely alive with yourself.
After daydreaming you may feel somewhat very
light,happy,and drowsy as your alertness is coming
back. There is no symbol look up for this. Learn more here about Dream Psychology

Have a Lucid Dream

 Lucid Dreaming is
knowing that your dreaming in a dream and finding
out in your mind that ‘this is fake, its not really
going to effect me so i wont get so scared’. Or you
may have a lucid sensation  thats a bit more extreme and
you can control everything around you and actually
feel your body moving. What ever you think is going
to happen, you make happen, and you actually feel
yourself and others as if it were to be in real
life. Most of the times lucid dreams are favored
and the sad part is that for many they don’t happen
that often.

Have an Awakening Dream

Awakening dreams are dreams that you feel as if
though you have awakened from your sleep and you
start doing your daily morning routine. In a
nightmare situation you may feel that you are
awakening more than 3 times, and are frightened
about getting back to real life. This situation may
be frightening, but it will surly pass. You can
awake in dreams more than once.Awakening in dreams
is not always frightening, some may have rather a
pleasant dream.

Have Nightmares Dream

A nightmare is a bad, disturbing, agonizing, and
scary dream that you see something bad happen to
you or someone you love. At the moment it feels so
real and it may feel as thought no matter what you
do your stuck and you don’t have any way out, and
any way out is a dead end. There are many different
types of nightmares. Most nightmares can leave one
in crying,sweating,yelling,and even moving there
arms around in the middle of the night. When
someone sees a nightmare the are ultimately stuck
with a bad feeling through out the day, and are
probably left very paranoid so the nightmare
doesn’t come true in someway.

The top cause of nightmares is due to stress and restlessness. Your
unconscious goes through everything that there is.
Something small that you may over look is actually
stress, and if you don’t have enough sleep during
the day and now are use to it, it still means your
body isn’t that happy with the amount of sleep that
you’re giving it. So this can lead to a nightmare.
If you have nightmares almost commonly during dream
time it could be because of a dark heavy past,
family issues, or drug use. If you haven’t had a
nightmare in a long time now, there are chances
that you may have one so keep that dream weaver
close by!

Have a Repeating Dream

Have you ever been dreaming and remembered in your dream that you
remember having a dream about that same place
before. Oh Wow! Well, these are known as repeating or recurring
dreams. These kinds tend to replicate themselves
later on. They may continue and add on to where you
may have left them off in a different story sense,
or they may be somewhat completely the same. These
trippy dreams are known to leave someone more in
awe or shock. Dream Dictionary of Colors Meaning

Have a Sign Dream

dreaming you may notice a specific sign,song,word,
or anything that is personally given to you or for
you. These are known as sign dreams, they are meant
to help you chose the correct path on life. So
always remember what that sign said and it will
guide you down the correct path. These types of dreams you can do a symbol search for.

Are you still looking for an accurate dream dictionary? Mystic is still the best ranked dictionary out of all the ones in stores and online! Start remembering your dreams, then you can use a dreaming interpretation analysis dictionary to interpret their meanings by symbol search inside the dream dictionary.

Dream Dictionary Interpretation and Analysis

Dream of Agate stone Love this interpe site

Dream of a Bear

Dream of your Birthday

Dream of a Cat

Dreaming of a Crocodile

Seeing a Deer in your Dream

Dream of a Dog

To Dream of an Eagle

Dream of Fame

Dreaming Gold

Hair Dreams

Planet Jupiter in your Dream

A Lion in a Dream

Dreaming of Lips

Being Married in a Dream

Money Dream Interpretation

Phases of the Moon in a dream

Interpreting Pyramids in Dream

Wind Dream Interpretation

S Dream Analysis of the Sea

To dream of a Tree

Dream analysis of the Year

Dream Prediction of Zeus

Dream Dictioanry Letter A

Accordion:  If the dreamer is playing the accordion, it indicates positive news in love.

Accuse:  Making an accusation before the authority indicates disputes and disgraces.

Dream Dictionary Letter B

Baby:  If the baby is playing and happy, it is a decent sign, then again, small kids indicate fights.

Bacon:  Bacon indicates issues caused by neighbors with bad aims.

Balcony:  If the dreamer meets with a man in a balcony, it indicates that they will meet again. In the event that somebody falls from the balcony, it indicates misfortune.

Ball:  If the dreamer plays with it, it indicates approaching risks.

Basket:  To dream of a basket full with blossoms, it indicates that the dreamer will have accomplishment on each venture in business successfully and love. If the basket is unfilled, the dreamer’s exertion will be in vain.

Bath:  If the dreaming is taking a bath on clear water, it indicates idealize health for the dreamer. Then again, if the dreamer is taking a bath in messy water, this is a sign of the damage, stress, and misfortune.

Dream Dictionary C

Cage:  Seeing a cage without a a bird inside of it announces set backs and feeling unable to . In the event that the cage has a flying creature inside, it indicates opportunity.

Camp:  If the dreamer gets himself or herself inside a camp, it will be a sign of betrayals caused by devilish companions.

Canal:  If you wind up cleaning a canal in dreams, it is a sign of a nearby wedding and a fresh start.

Cartridge:  It indicates loss of time for the dreamer.

Castle:  If the dreamer discovers a castle, it is a happy sign. If the chance that the castle consumes in flame or has a fire from afar, the proprietor of the castle will be in danger.

Cat:  Dreaming with a cat indicates betrayal in relationships. If the chance that the cat bounces from a high place, it indicates betrayal on business. A cat bite means great danger from an enemy.

Dictionary:  D

Dance: If the dreamer is dancing among other individuals, it indicates companionship and luxury.

Day:  To dream of  the glorious daylight it indicates a sign of happiness.

Dead:  If the  chance that the dreamer observes the death of an old man, soon there will be a misfortune on the family or among companions. Great danger is surrounding the dreamers future.

Desert:  If the dreamer gets himself or herself in the sahara desert, it indicates that he or she is spending excessively cash, things must be saved up/


Eagle:  If the dreamer finds a living eagle, it indicates thriving success and achievement. Then again, if the eagle is death or in the event that it is standing on another person head, it indicates death, disgrace, misfortune and damage of business. In the event that the eagle is flying at high elevation and effortlessly it is a positive sign.

Ears:  If the dreamer contacts his or her ears, it is a sign of bad news. To see dirty ears it foretells illness and embarrassment.

Earthquake:  Witnessing an earthquake is a sign of a big life shake up, enemies are searching to do harm to something you cherish the most.

Eating:  Find yourself in dreams eating alone indicates self joy. If the food is rotten it indicates bad health and news. If the food eaten is tasty, it indicates good news and new blissful events.

Dream F Dictionary:  F

Fable:  If somebody is presenting a fable in a dream, or you find a book with a fable, it indicates a new journey. If the  chance that somebody is creating a fable, it is an indication of innovations that will just profit to their author.

Face:  To dream of a happy face in dreams, it is always a positive sign; then again a disfigured face is always an indication of inconvenience and a warning for the dreamer.

Fair: If in your dreams you are attending to fair, you will have nothing more except for impermanent happiness.

Fairy: If you discover a fairy yet you don’t talk to her, it indicates that you are infatuated with a man that is past your reach. If you talk with the fairy, soon there will be the celebration of a wedding.

Farewell: If you dream with a farewell, it is an indication of that you are closing a door on a part of your life.

Farm: It is always a positive sign to dream with a farm. Great riches.

 Dream G Dictionary:  G

Garden:  The greener and more blossomed, the better! It is always a positive sign to dream of a Garden as your fortune will develop.

Geese: Dream of geese, it is a warning of betrayal caused by relatives or by your adoration mate. Watch out for cheats.

Giant:  Dreaming about a giant in dreams indicates a surprising inheritance and an important life event which you must take charge of.

Gift: If the dreamer is given a gift, it is a sign of amazing and uplifting news.

Glove: If the dream is about wearing gloves in a decent condition, it is a sign of happiness. Then again in the event that they watch exhausted, the dreamer will have a ton of discomfort.

Dream Meaning H:  H

Hair: If you see black, short or messy hair, it indicates disgraces. A smooth hair indicates the arrival of new companionships. If you dream of white hair you must look after others, because you will get cash again after an extensive stretch of time. Blond hair indicates good news.

Hand: To dream of beautiful and delicate hands, it is an indication of achievement in business. If the chance that the hand on the dream is a wiped out one, it is an indication of loss of help. If the chance that you see a small hand, it is an indication of disloyalty. If the chance that you dream that you are working with the two hands, it is an indication of happiness and thriving. In the event that you catch fire with your hands, you will defeat to tribulations.

Harvest: Being a spectator of a harvest is always a decent sign. In the event that the dreamer is the person who is harvesting face to face, it is an indication of an unforeseen inheritance or the increase of lavishness.

Hat:   A brand new hat is an indication of fortune, success, and happiness.  A broken and filthy hat is an indication of dishonor.

Dream Meaning I:  I 

Ice: To dream of ice out of winter season, it means a decent harvest for farmers and tribulations on business for merchants. For any other individual dreaming of ice or coolness in the summer , it indicates danger.

Ink: The dreamer will get endowments and advancing news.

Intestine: To dream of digestion tracts it indicates that any of the relatives will fall apart because of disagreements.One should watch out for health.

Island: For the dreamer  to see a sunny island, this is a sign of the arrival of calm seasons.

Dream Meaning of J:  J

Jealously: If the dreamer is controlled by jealously, it is an indication of betrayal and gossip that may be uncontrollable.

Jewels: If you consider yourself to be the proprietor of the gems in your dream, it is a decent sign as long as you don’t dispose of them.

Journey: If the traveler is making the trip walking, it is an indication of obstacles that are difficult to survive. If the chance that the adventure is being done a horse, it is an indication of flourishing and fortune. In the event that the traveler is inside a carriage, it is a hint of something to look forward to, especially in love.

Judge: If the dreamer in real life is encountering clashes related to justice, this dream indicates that they will be fathomed.

Justice: If the dreamer is being chased by justice, it indicates that this individual will have pleasurable relationships.

Dream Dictionary Meaning k:  K  

Keg: To dream of a barrel in dreams, it is an indication of plentifulness of beverages and nourishment and a good sign of health.

Key: If the dreamer loses a key, it is an indication of displeasure. In the event that the dreamer just observes keys, it is an indication of favorable luck.

Killing: If the dreamer is an author or observer of a murder, it is a presage that indicates that the dreamer or another person will endure an appalling accident.

King: To dream of a king indicates great honors and new advancements in work

Kiss: If the dreamer is getting a kiss, he or she will get the surprise of pleasant visit from a friend or lover. If the dreamer is kissing the ground, it is a sign of distress and humiliation. 

Dictionary:  L

Laboratory: If the dreamer gets himself or herself inside a laboratory, it indicates that businesses are going extremely well, but health must be looked at.

Ladder: The higher you climb the ladder in the dream, the higher you will reach success. Advance over a ladder is always a positive sign in any field; on the contrary, going down indicates distress and enduring.

Lake: A dream of a lake is always a sensational dream! If the lake is calmed it is a promise of something better, if the other hand if the lake is disturbed and wild, it is a warning against commercial risk and many different sorts of dangers.

Lamb: To dream of a lamb running, it is a sign of good companionships and happiness. On the contrary if the lamb is dead, it indicates distress.

Lamp: Lighted Lamp is great news. If the dreamer finds a lamp that is turned on, it is an indication of a blend of pleasures and enduring. A lamp that is killed is an indication of premature aging.

Land: If the dreamer is working the land, then this individual will get prosperous advantages. To dream of a land that is beautiful and rich, soon this individual will meet a virtuous and beautiful woman. If the land looks dry, it indicates that the wife of this individual is an obstinate and tricky individual.

Meaning N Dictionary:  M

Magic: Dreaming with magic is always a positive sign. If the dreamer is practicing magic, it indicates enjoyable surprises. To dream of a gathering of individuals practicing this art, it indicates that the dreamer will have profitable changes.

Man: To dream of a man wearing white, it indicates lines. If the man is wearing black, this is a sign of business advancement. 

Mansion: If you are inside a mansion, it prognosticates wealthy belonging for you. In any case, if the mansion has a haunted chamber, be careful, it is a sign for misfortune.

Dream Meaning N:  N

Nails: If the dreamer discovers nails, it indicates that this individual will earn respects and great reputation. Clean nails indicate good events. Dirty nails indicate trouble in relationship.

Naked: If you feel or you get yourself naked in dreams, it signifies stress and embarrassment. If you are a woman and you are stripping, it anticipates dishonesty for you. If you are a man or a woman and you are getting stripped before other individuals, it prognosticates a scandal. If you get naked alone in your room, you will discover a riddle.

Neck: If the neck that you find in dreams looks long, thick and shapely, it indicates respect and fortune. Then again if it is thin and a smidgen twist, it indicates disgrace, shame and misery.

Necklace: To wear a necklace in dreams indicates radiance and respects. To see a necklace anticipates a fortunate romantic relationship brimming with adoration and passion. To lose a necklace.

Needle: Seeing a needle in dreams is a bad sign, it indicates that the dreamer will have a serious battle. If you see a considerable measure of needles it indicates tattles and entanglements.

Dictionary:  O

Oak: Finding an oak in dreams indicates social welfare and lavishness. Good companion.

Oats: To dream of oats it indicates flourishing if it looks mature and starchy. The sign is misery for the person who discovers it harvested.

Oil: If the dreamer discovers oil spilled on the floor, it indicates damages. If the dreamer is secured with oil it is a sign of benefactions.

Ointment: To dream of balm, it indicates carousal, hustle and happiness.

Olive: If the dreamer finds an olive tree, indicates blessed riches and advancements also marriage.

Dictionary:  P

Packet: If the dreamer finds a packet it indicates that he will get a rewarding gift. If the dreamer is transporting the package to another country, it is a sign of abundance and surprising fortune. If the package is vacant or broken it is a bad sign. If the package is heavy and full, it means benefits.

Palace: If the dreamer is walking to a palace, it indicates apprehensiveness and eagerness.

Palm Tree: If the dreamer is a solitary woman and sees a palm tree, it foresees a near wedding or a celebration. If the dreamer is a solitary man, it indicates  nobility.

Paper: If the dreamer’s life passes by tranquility, it indicates respects and acknowledgment.

Paradise: For the dreamer to get himself or herself in the paradise is always a hint of something better over the horizon..

Dream Meaning Q:  Q

Quarrel: If the dreamer is seeing a quarrel between ladies, it indicates issues caused do jealously and work frustration. If the dreamer is seeing a quarrel between men, it means distress.

Queen: To dream of a ruler, it prognosticates achievement in all the activities.

Quilts: If the dreamer discovers plumes all around the place, it anticipates pleasant circumstances.

Dream Meaning Letter R:  R

Rabbit: If the dreamer discovers rabbits in the dream, he or she must pay attention to the shading of others.

Race: Going extremely fast in a race indicates a speedy success.

Railroad: To dream of a railroad it predicts the arrival a pleasant visit from a friend.

Rain: To see a calm rain in dreams indicates profits and advantages for farmers and to the dreamer. In case that the dreamer is seeing heavy rains, it predicts misfortune and deterioration.

Dictionary S:  S

Salmon: To dream with a salmon predict great experiences with luck.

Salt: To dream of salt indicates new perspectives.

Sand:Sand indicates annoyances, disputes, and intervening individuals .

Sardines: To dream of sardines, eating sardines foretells good news.

Scales: To dream with scales indicates that the dreamer will be facing an importance decision. 

Scandal: To witness a scandal indicates a warning for the dreamers day to day life. Watch out for others,

Dream Meaning T:  T

Table: If you see a filled table, it anticipates delight and success. Then again if you see an unfilled table, your fortune is in danger.

Tailor: If you see a tailor in dreams, in indicates that soon you will be submerged in an argument with others.

Tambourine: To see a tambourine in dreams predicts unusual event in near future.

Tea: If the dreamer is drinking some tea, it forecasts the arrival of kinships more intimate and profitable.

U Dream Meaning:  U

Umbrella: If you see an umbrella in dreams, you should take any chance to win fortune.

Undress: If you dream that you are getting uncovered, it anticipates that you will be associated with a scandal.

Uniform: If you are wearing a uniform it anticipates respects for you

Dream Meaning V:  V

Valley: If you dream that are walking all through a valley, it foresees that all your wishes will be accomplished, also, soon you will discover a mystery.

Veil: Seeing a shroud in dreams indicates a new journey ahead.

Vein: Seeing a vein in dreams indicates disgusts and blandness.

Victory: If the dreamer encounters some sort of triumph in dreams, indicates tremendous good news and stomping on your enemies.

Vinegar: If you dream of vinegar indicates jealous individuals whom you should watch out for.

Vineyard: To dream that you are walking all through a vineyard predicts earnest relationship, and a wedding taken after by a happy and long life,riches,  encompassed by many children.

Dream Meaning W:  W

Wagon: A red wagon indicates fast news coming your way.

Waist: To dream with by the drove waist indicates a pleasant and comfortable life. To see a thin waist indicates accomplishment on business. To see an unhealthy waist indicates stress on business progess.

Dream Meaning X:  X

Xylophone: To dream of a xylophone in dreams, it predicts the new happy occasions will come into your life.

Dictionary:  Y

Yacht: The meaning of dreaming with a yacht indicates authority and promise.

Young: To dream of being indicates good health and blissful travels.