Debate Time: Book or an Online Source?

We often go back and forth with this debate. There was a particular inquiry on our site from Rebecca S. so we could talk on the topic of a book versus an online source to read the meaning of your dreams. So we will take a dab at it today and let you know the truth of it and also do some comparing and contrasting tips, read further below.

The Similarities

1. Both are alphabetized ( most likely of course!)

2. Both interpret the meaning of dreams!

3. Both will have a search source to find your dream symbols.

The Differences

  1. Book will be priced as it is always created by a professional author with experience and thats why a product as such is created.
  2. A dream dictionary will be free, but there is no guarantee to the accuracy of it as there are many sources online that have different things, some not so accurate.

The True Final Winner Takes the Cup

When it boils down to it, theres online one way to look at it and that is:

  1. If you want to find the true interpretation of your dreams get a quality book.
  2. If you want to read different interpretation just for fun and curiosity, go online and browse thousands of sites.

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Our Recommendation on the most quality and accurate dream book you can find is liked above under ‘quality book’. 

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