Dream Dictionary Color Meanings

Dream Color Meanings
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When dreaming, you may notice that certain colors may be most memorable to you. You may be wearing something with a specific color, or see any tangible item with a certain color. Colors have special meanings and when dreaming of certain colors, they do represent certain things. Read below a quick dream dictionary analysis of color meanings.

Dreaming of Rainbow

Happiness – Enlightenment – Opportunity Red –
Transformation – Yearning success – Intense

Dreaming of Pink

┬áLoved – Romantic – Sensitive – Progress Beige
– Distance – Detachment

Dreaming of Black

Alienation – Disputes Grey – Fear – Sickness

Dreaming of Blue

Peace – Tranquillity – Devotion Brown – Freedom –
Wealth – Success – Joy

Dreaming of Green


Dreaming of Orange

Balance – Passion Purple – Creativity – Spirit –

Dreaming of Yellow

Self reliance – Cowardice – Intelligence