Dreams, some believe that your soul travels through different planets and parts of the universe when dreaming. Others believe in the more scientific aspect and don’t have an answer for where your mind goes,but they say that your body re-establishes its energy for the day to come. There are different types of dreams,but the one major debate today is mixing psychology with clairvoyance.

Sigmund Freud’s Theory – the Psychoanalytic Dream Interpretation

Sigmund Freud was known to be a Austrian neurologist. He was born May 6, 1856. Sigmund Freud is known as the great father of Psychoanalysis which us a mix of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories that Freud created. In 1881 Freud became a doctor in Austria. Freud was one who was addicted to exploring human minds, he wanted to dig deep into what humans thought.

Sigmund Freud and Dreams

In the 1900’s Freud started to dig into dreams and analysis dreams. He was curious to know what they meant and he did soon com with an explanation for them. One of his quotes: “The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious” Sigmund Freud believed that everything we dream of is fueled by our unconscious. He also believed that nothing happens by chance. We dream what we are thinking about in the unconscious part of our minds. Freud categorized the human mind into 3 parts – Id – Ego – Super Ego

The Debate Clairvoyance

If we know what we will dream about how come there is dream clairvoyance? Dream clairvoyance is when you see a dream that is very graphic and the next day or the next 2 days that exact thing happens. Some people experience this a lot. They may see a friend or a family member in a dream that for example may get in a car crash. The next day that happens. Something that the dreamer really has no control over,but has had a warning sign from the dream. So in a sense thinking that we dream what we know,but never think about in our conscious mind is shattered by dream clairvoyance. A great contradiction is there, that may bring new questions why we dream.

The Mystery of Dreams

Let it be.