Element of Water

water element

The water sign in astrology is known to represent individuals that are very receptive to feelings, relationships, and old memories. These individuals are known to take on information from different perspectives, but it is always in a personal way. A water sign is known to have instant connections with others, deep intuitions, and they possess many sacred life experiences.

What zodiac signs are born under the water element?

There are 3 water signs in astrology, review the 3 zodiac signs that are born under the water element below.

1. Cancer. Cancer also known as the Crab is born under the water elements. The water element influences Cancer to be very protective of emotional feelings.

2. Scorpio. Scorpio also known as the Scorpion is born under the water element. The water element influences Scorpio to be very direct and unexpected with emotions.

3. Pisces. Pisces aka the Fish is also born under the water element. The water element influences Pisces to be very intuitive and emotional on a daily basis.

How water signs can have a balanced foundation?

For water signs to have a peaceful and balanced life foundation, they must learn how to express their feelings. As read above, water signs are all emotional, but they have different things that they do with their emotions. Some signs are direct with their emotions and other keep things in. Finding a healthy outlet to let go and express those emotions is the best way to have a balanced foundation at all times and have peace with ones self.

What are the main advantages of water signs?

Water signs are known to be great humanitarians. They really understand people and they never forget the past. This helps them affect others in a great way and also they hold strong internal beliefs which builds their character in life. Water signs have great emotion and intuition, both of those two things will influence these signs throughout life and they will enlighten them at some point.