Top Astrology Forecasts : NEW FORECAST COMING 2017


Mercury Enters Gemini June 12
Mercury is known as the planet of communication. When Mercury enters Gemini, it will set for enchanted com munition ( to and from) for this sign in every form possible. Great month for Gemini to get into partnerships of any kind.

Neptune Retrograde June 13
Neptune is known to be the planet of Illusion. When this planet is in a particular sign it can be a cause for over day dreaming and fantasizing about something that may not be real at the moment. Neptune is the cause of beautiful dreams, but procrastination as well. As Neptune goes retrograde we will be even more in tune with reality. The illusion and confusion will be cleared away and a new sense of focus will be invested within. Neptune Retrograde will also bring great clarity in every life situation.

Venus Enters Cancer June 17
For Cancer, this planetary movement will bring a very favorable time for love and money in every way possible.

Sun Enters Cancer June 20
The Sun will bring great strength and courage to Cancer. It will be giving this zodiac sign new responsibility. Something that they though they were to weak to handle before, they can now. This is a great time to take control of a situation and value ones self.

Mercury Enters Cancer June 29
When Mercury enters Cancer, this will be a great time for communication. Mercury promote all forms of communication ( talk,write,ext). This is a great time to speak clearly, get your point out and to communicate with others.

Mars goes direct June 29 Mars going direct will bring back an aggression for passion! Its time to get what you want. Mars is known to be the planet of Passion. This is the time to let your determination and need to complete your most desired goals completely take over. Follow your passion, follow your hearts desire!