Gemini and Aries
Gemini and Aries make a lively couple. These two will have a lot of fun, great adventures, and will always be on the run together. In love, they are in complete freedom. They will love to teach each other new things. For this relationship to last, these two must find a form of structure in their relationship.

Gemini and Taurus
Gemini and Taurus will have a deep relationship. These two zodiac signs will learn from one another. Gemini will help Taurus break out of the shell a little bit and learn to become sociable. Taurus may feel somewhat uncomfortable with Gemini’s constant need for adventure as Taurus is one to take things slower and into a much more conscience love. This relationship will work if both zodiac signs listen to one another’s feelings.

Gemini and Gemini
Gemini and Gemini will have a very pleasurable time together. At times, jealousy and too much possessiveness may make this relationship break up and make up again. Gemini and Gemini do share common likes such as love and adventure. They will both enjoy the arts. At times, there may be a competitive energy between them which may not do so good in the relationship. For this relationship to work out, Gemini and Gemini must learn to be very supportive of one another in the dearest honesty.

Gemini and Cancer
Gemini and Cancer will share great memories and make a great bond together. This relationship needs to be based off of trust. Cancer will be the first person to be honest in the relationship, but Cancer may also be too traditional at times to the point of obsessive control. Gemini is much more carefree and living in the modern world when it comes to love. For this relationship to last, Gemini must convert to Cancer’s beliefs of transition and Cancer must be open to Gemini’s modern thinking.

Gemini and Leo
Gemini and Leo will have a very strong relationship. Gemini will be much more involved with the arts and liking the idea of fantasy. Leo will be much more broad and logical at times. The only conflict that is to rise in this relationship is about who takes the lead. Leo is known to love the spotlight and being showered with complaints, Gemini sometimes gets the spotlight without even trying. There needs to be mutual respect in this relationship for it to work out.

Gemini and Virgo
Gemini and Virgo will have a very awakening relationship. At times, these two may but heads as Gemini is much more adventurous than planned Virgo. However, Virgo will learn from Gemini in the relationship. Virgo is all about hard work and reward. Gemini will know just what to do to make Virgo feel special and rewarded. For this relationship to work out, both zodiac signs must have strong views in life and plan to take the relationship to a deeper level mutually.

Gemini and Libra
Gemini and Libra will share a special bond. Libra will often be charmed by Gemini. Both of these zodiac signs love social activity and they both love showing off at times. They will make a great looking couple and their personalities will collide very well together. For this relationship to work out, Gemini must be ready to take the next step when Libra feels the need to have more in the relationship.

Gemini and Scorpio
Gemini and Scorpio will have a relationship full of surprises, adventures, and passionate romance. Scorpio and Gemini are both known to go after what they want. When these 2 signs know that they want each other, nothing will stop them from being together. They will enjoy each others company. At times, they may argue as they both have very strong beliefs about certain things. However, in the long run, their relationship will last if they always show care for one another.

Gemini and Sagittarius
Gemini and Sagittarius will have a majestic relationship. Sagittarius loves to fall in love and Gemini is just the zodiac sign that will be showing Sagittarius with compliments. They will take many trips both long and short. Dining out or going to a festive location is the best way to increase bonding and romance. For this relationship to work out, Gemini and Sagittarius need to explain their feelings out loud to one another.

Gemini and Capricorn
Gemini and Capricorn will have a very personal relationship. They will be very connected to on another and they will often talk about what they want out of love. They will be very expressive with their feelings. Capricorn will be very open and giving to Gemini. Gemini will take this energy and make it even more positive and reciprocate it to Capricorn.For this relationship to last, both these zodiac signs must learn to grow at the same pace.

Gemini and Aquarius
Gemini and Aquarius make a different and exciting couple. They both have creative personalities. Gemini is open to new modern beliefs and Aquarius may be living those modern beliefs. They will make a great couple. They will enjoy their time together. They will feel a very trusting energy with on another. This relationship will work out if both these signs find a solid foundation that always pulls them together.

Gemini and Pisces
Gemini and Pisces will have a mystical connection. Pisces wants Gemini, but may not know the right way to show it at times. Gemini is very thoughtful of Pisces, but they may not take the lead in the relationship because they are waiting for Pisces pace. This is a relaxing relationship. For this relationship to work out, both Gemini and Pisces must be very expressive to one another.