There are 3 zodiac signs that are born under the air elements. The air element influences these 3 zodiac sign to have certain qualities in them, read below.

1. Libra Libra also known as the scales is born as an air element. The air element influences libra to have strong faith in love and yearn for long lasting relationships.

2. Aquarius . Aquarius also known as the Water bearer is influenced by the air element. The air element influences Aquarius to have a very unique and rare personality!

3. Gemini. Gemini aka the twins is also born as an air element. Gemini is influenced by the air element to be a free of limitations individual.

What are the main advantages of air signs?
The air element influences the 3 zodiac sign s to have a very carefree personality, a unique personality, and a need to constantly be in connection with others. The air sign brings self awakening to the 3 zodiac signs. The air sign also brings clarity, romance, and friends.

How air signs can have a balanced foundation?
Air signs must always focus on all details of a situation. At times, air signs may feel so connected to the world by knowing everything that is trending, but they pull alway from society to deal with their own issues.It is important for air signs to express their emotions and always become involved with others.

Overview of the Elements
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