Earth astrology element
1. Capricorn. The goat of astrology aka Capricorn is an Earth Sign. The earth element has influenced capricorn to be very disciplined in life and especially in career.

2. Taurus. Taurus, the bull in astrology is also an earth element. The earth element has influenced Taurus to be more realistic about life goals.

3.Virgo . Virgo, the virgin, is also an earth element. The earth element has influenced Virgo to be very practical and hard working.

What are the main advantages of earth signs?
Those signs that are born under the earth element are known to be very trusting and they have a great vision of life. They can plan ahead and instantly provide solutions. Their hard work will always lead them to success and honors. By practical thinking and logical thinking, they will see many new opportunities that come their way.

How earth signs can have a balanced foundation?
To have a balanced foundation, earth signs must always have self confidence and belief in all things that they have in front of them. Never ignore hopes and dreams. Recognize your talents and self qualities. Placing faith and trust in people to a certain limit. Live by your own mortals and don’t let other peoples beliefs influence what you do. Earth signs must always believe in themselves to have a balanced foundation.

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