Leo and Aries
Leo and Aries will have a fun filled relationship. Leo will fall in love with Aries adventurous side and Aries will always admire Leo. Aries may be in the spotlight at times without knowing it and Leo may prefer to be the one in the spotlight, but the relationship must have balance at times. Aries is all about passion and aggression. Leo also shares the same quality in love. They will have a great love life. For this relationship to be compatible and long lasting, both Aries and Leo must learn to put their ego’s away.

Leo and Taurus
Leo and Taurus will have a very respected relationship. At times, Taurus may feel as though they want to open up,but they are afraid to do so because Leo is such a loud and lively character. Leo must listen closely to how Taurus feels and reacts to certain things. This relationship will work out if both these zodiac signs notice and allow one another to express their feelings equally.

Leo and Gemini
Leo and Gemini will have a very loving relationship together. Gemini will be willing to give a lot in the relationship. Leo must be a little more flexible when it comes to adventurous things that Gemini loves to do. They must learn how to adapt to one another’s ways. For this relationship to work, Leo and Gemini must focus on feelings rather than materialistic things.

Leo and Cancer
Leo and Cancer will feel very satisfied in a relationship. They will feel settled even when they are not living together, but they must know that things need to get serious at some point.That next step needs to be taken. Leo must learn how to express more emotion. Cancer is ruled by emotion so showing affection is very important in a love relationship. If one pulls back, so does the other. For this relationship to be compatible, both signs must share love with one another and not be afraid of public affection.

Leo and Leo
Leo and Leo is a very dynamic couple. This zodiac couple will enjoy their love life, but when it comes to living a normal life, they must learn how to put their ego’s away. They both crave the spotlight and consent attention. This relationship will work if all materialistic items are put away and the relationship is expressed vocally with feelings.

Leo and Virgo
Leo and Virgo will have a very committed relationship. These two will have a soft heart for one another and cherish moments together. At times, although this may be hard, they must learn to believe in hopes, intuitions, and dreams, not just facts. Money isn’t everything. Virgo will learn from Leo and Leo will deeply appreciate all that Virgo does. This relationship will work out if all conflicts ( that may have occurred) are fully resolved, not just left un-talked. about

Leo and Libra
Leo and Libra will have a very passionate relationship. There will be a certain surprise in the relationship. Libra will constantly look up to Leo and Leo will make even more efforts in the relationship. Leo must learn to leave certain opinions that may harm a Libra aside. This relationship will work out if both of these signs fight for one another and not what anyone else thinks.

Leo and Scorpio
Leo and Scorpio make an interesting pairing. Leo is known as the Lion and Scorpio is known as the Scorpion. Scorpio will be attracted to Leo and Leo will admire Scorpio’s instant action in certain situations. There needs to me much more adventure in this relationship. For this relationship to work out, Leo and Scorpio must be willing to both solve their problems in life together not separately.

Leo and Sagittarius
Leo and Sagittarius will have a vivid relationship filled with love and hope for the future. Sagittarius is known to love getting materialistic things and living in a fantasy at the same time. Leo must learn to be more romantic in the relationship to satisfy a Sagittarius. For this relationship to last, there must be mutual respect of each others beliefs and talents in life.

Leo and Capricorn
Leo and Capricorn make a beautiful couple. These two both strive for a solid relationship and a strong reputation to present to the world. They will often be able to both provide financially or at least have a plan in life. They have a great love life, but it needs more time. This relationship will work out if love is put before work.

Leo and Aquarius
Leo and Aquarius will have a crazy and spontaneous relationship. Leo will get drawn by Aquarius’s unique being and Aquarius will be attracted by Leo’s strong sense of confidence. They will be great lovers and enthusiastic partners. This relationship will work out if both these zodiac signs view their love life in a much more serious way.

Leo and Pisces
Leo and Pisces are opposites, fire and water. However, in love, sometimes opposites to attract. When this happens, they learn from one another. They will form a bond, compassion, and deeper love over the years. This relationship will work out if Leo is more emotional with Pisces feelings.