Libra and Aries
Libra and Aries make a very passionate couple. Venus rules Libra and Mars rules Aries. These two planets indicate love, harmony, and aggression. Aries will fight for love and Libra will be happy to accept it. This relationship will be very satisfying and indulging. Comedy will be apart of this relationship. For the relationship between Libra and Aries to work out, both zodiac signs must learn to be open and honest with one another, even if the truth can be embarrassing.

Libra and Taurus
Libra and Taurus in a relationship will have a lot of admiration for one another. At times, Libra needs to do something to bring out Taurus’s true voice in social events. Taurus will open up once comfortable and feeling safe in surroundings. Taurus can learn from Libra and Libra can grow from Taurus. This relationship will work if there is no timidness in the relationship.

Libra and Gemini
Libra and Gemini will have a blast in a relationship. Everything from dining, to going out, taking pictures, and doing exciting things. Gemini is one to keep up with modern things that are current and Libra will admire this. Libra is very romantic in a relationship with Gemini. This relationship between libra and Gemini will last if these 2 zodiac signs stay committed to one another and take a larger step.

Libra and Cancer
Libra and Cancer in a relationship will be very explorative. These zodiac signs will have interesting conversations and meet interesting people. Libra and Cancer are both happy to start a traditional life after dating, this will bring these 2 even closer together. At times, Libra needs to be more affectionate with Cancer even if Cancer doesn’t seem up for it. Cancer is known to hide feelings sometimes and when exposing those feelings, they are at their true core. This relationship will work out if Libra and Cancer pay attention to one another’s needs.

Libra and Leo
Libra and Leo will have a darling relationship. Libra will most likely dwell over Leo’s courage and power. Leo will love Libra’s personality. Libra and Leo may clash at times because they will not feel the same way every day, but they must learn how to overcome fights. This relationship will last if Leo gives Libra the power to overcome obstacles that may rise in the love relationship.

Libra and Virgo
Libra and Virgo will have a rollercoaster of a relationship. They will love to go to new places, debate on news, and listen to new and curious facts. In love, they know what they want and they go for it. As a match, Virgo is known to be much more analytical in the relationship. This is something that Libra will admire to be like, but not admit that Libra is not at that level. There will be great conversations in this relationship. For this love relationship between Virgo and Libra to last, both of the signs must always reminding themselves of why they fell in love in the first page.

Libra and Libra
Libra and Libra love relationship is a true fantasy. Libra and Libra believe in love, beauty, and grace. They will have a balanced and tender relationship. Libra and Libra will instantly form a deep love connection and only care about their love life. They have great chemistry and will always enjoy each others company. This relationship will last if Libra and Libra both decide to take the relationship to the next level by mutual agreement.

Libra and Scorpio
Libra and Scorpio will have a demanding union. These 2 zodiac signs will crave to see one another and become romantic all the time. They must learn how to know each other on the inside and not just physically. For this relationship to work out, both Libra and Scorpio must learn how to overcome challenges together.

Libra and Sagittarius
Libra and Sagittarius will have a deep admiration and connection for one another. They will be both very attached and wanting to communicate all day long. They love their alone time, but also going out and showing the world that they are a couple. This relationship between Libra and Sagittarius will last if they are both committed.

Libra and Capricorn
Libra and Capricorn will have a very engaging relationship. They will most likely meet in a public place or by a personal match up. Libra and Capricorn will need to learn how to make more room for their love life and understanding one another. They need to learn what it is that attracts them to one another. Libra loves balance and Capricorn will do anything for loved ones. There is a certain admiration in the relationship. This relationship will last if both signs find a medium.

Libra and Aquarius
Libra and Aquarius will have a blossoming and awakening relationship. They will enjoy their love life and doing different things with their partner. Libra and Aquarius will growth both spiritual and mentally in the relationship. This relationship will last if they always grow together instead of apart.

Libra and Pisces
Libra and Pisces can be a contradicting relationship that needs work, but it can work if the effort is there. Libra must learn how to be appreciative of Pisces actions and emotions. When this happens, they will form a strong love connection and protectiveness for one another. Their relationship will grow if they learn how to share and not fuss about small things.