Libras are known to be dedicated to growth, balance, and building popularity guided towards their self worth in their community.

Libra Birthdate:

Born: September 23- October 22

The Scales

Libra Weekly Tarot Card Prediction

King of Pentacles represents a man who’s goal in life is to be very wealthy. He strives for finances and being financially stable. He is proud of things he has done so far, and likes to be complimented once in a while. This week Libra, you will have your eye on finances or you may be inspired by someone who has a lot of finances. This is the prefect week to ask for anything you want in business. This can be a chance to get a promotion,new job, or a raise. Anything that you do during this week will benefit you in the couple months, so think wisely.

Libra Astrology Events

June astrology events for Libra

August 27, 2015 – Mercury enters astrology sign Libra – September 23, 2015 – The sun enters astrology sign Libra – November 8, 2015 – Venus enters astrology sign Libra – September 23, 2015 – Mars enters astrology sign Libra –

Libra Mythology

Astraea was the Roman Goddess of justice. She was known to use her golden scales to weigh out the good vs bad doings of men and women. After weighing things out Astraea would determine their fate. When she was fed up with all humans, she abandoned everyone, but she did forget her golden scales. Due to her judgement being a bit harsh at times, the Romans created the constellation of Libra so the scales would always be with her in the sky.

Libra Famous Celeb Birthdays

Eminem Born: October 17, 1972 in Missouri.

Kim Kardashian Born: October 21,1980 in California.

Lil Wayne Born: September 27, 1982 in Louisiana .

Zac Efron Born: October 18, 1987 in California.

Will Smith Born: September 25m 1968 in Pennsylvania.

Bruno Mars Born: October 8,1985 in Hawaii.

Snoop Dogg Born: October 20,1971 in Ukraine.

Simon Cowell Born: October 7,1969 in England.