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Mystic, a book of experience and accuracy. Read the self help questions for purchasing your ebook copy of Mystic instantly.

1-How do I buy Mystic?

You can officially buy this Mystic right here:

2-What is the purchase window?

The purchase window is a quick pop up Stripe Terminal with a Secure SSL Certificate installed on the website for protection.

3-How much does Mystic cost?

$64.99 one-time payment.

700 Pages Total in Mystic. PDF Format.  Mystic also comes with 3 additional handbooks.

4-What is the refund policy?

Being that this is an electronic book, we do not provide refunds unless there may be an accidental duplicate purchase.

5-Is there anywhere else I can purchase this book?

For now, Mystic is exclusively available only on and it will be available in Barnes and Nobels 2018.

6-What is the entire purchase process?

1-Click the Yellow Purchase Button at the bottom of the homepage on:

2-You will be directed to a checkout page. Fill out your information there.

3-Click Next. A small popup of the Stripe Secure Payment Terminal will display. Fill out your information.

4-You will automatically be transferred to the official purchase confirmation page. There you will notice your files in PDF. Click on the files to download to your desktop and start reading Mystic.

7-Quick Note after Purchase.

Wait up to 10 minutes and check your email for a link that will take you to download the Book PDF file ( this is an additional way to download the ebook(s).

If you do not receive this link or if you need help with any part of the purchase, you may contact astrology junction as soon as possible to get your link re-sent.