Pisces and Aries
Pisces and Aries are known to be opposites on the zodiac. Aries is the first sign and the youngest and Pisces is the oldest sign. These 2 signs may clash sometimes based on life opinions,but they will have an exciting love life. Aries will teach Pisces not to over think things to much. They will both be drawn to attention and doing wild things together. This relationship will last if Aries takes on more commitment.

Pisces and Taurus
Pisces and Taurus make a great love match. These two will enjoy talking with one another, being alone, and getting great laughs. Pisces and Taurus will admire one another and constantly want to see each other all day long. This relationship will last if Taurus remains faithful to Pisces.

Pisces and Gemini
Pisces and Gemini make a bewitching love match. They will be both drawn to one another by career, mutual friend, or the same interesest. Pisces and Gemini will enjoy the performing arts, magic, and talking about new stories in the world. Gemini is a flirtatious zodiac sign and this relationship will last if both Pisces and Gemini start out the relationship truthfully.

Pisces and Cancer
Pisces and Cancer will make a deep and emotional love relationship. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which indicates emotion. Pisces is a zodiac sign that is very wise and is very emotional. Cancer will be a very solid figure for Pisces and a very trustworthy zodiac sign. This relationship will work if both Pisces and Cancer don’t act hard headed and learn to become more open hearted in certain situations.

Pisces and Leo
Pisces and Leo are opposites in the zodiac aka fire and water in elements. However, they do make an electrifying match in the relationship. Pisces does take the lead and Leo manages other aspects of the relationship. They will create memories together by travel. This relationship will last if Leo is completely trustworthy and meets Pisces emotional needs.

Pisces and Virgo
Pisces and Virgo are not the best couple of the zodiac. Virgo is a sign that is very logical. Pisces is a sign that is very dreamy and doesn’t want anyone to break that bubble. With Virgo, Pisces is very open hearted. This relationship will last if both signs learn to abandon some of their habits and put love forward.

Pisces and Libra
Pisces and Libra are very friendly signs when combined. There is a sense of mutual respect in this relationship. Arguments may arise when Libra feels that their feelings may go unheard and Pisces feels like they cannot express emotion. This relationship will last if honesty and expression is the core foundation.

Pisces and Scorpio
Pisces and Scorpio make a very strong connection. With time, their bond will increase and feelings will deepen. Pisces will appreciate that Scorpio is honest with feelings and very decisive. This relationship will last if there is less stubbornness from both zodiac signs.

Pisces and Sagittarius
Pisces and Sagittarius are a great love compatibility match. These two love to go out together or just stay in a small room together. As long as they’re with each other, they are very happy and comfortable. This relationship will last if Sagittarius does not become doubtful of Pisces and Pisces does not get temperamental will Sagittarius.

Pisces and Capricorn
Pisces and Capricorn have a wonderful love relationship. Capricorn is known to be very generous, this is something that Pisces has a soft spot for. Capricorn is a zodiac sign that is very stable and has a plan for the future. These 2 zodiac signs will instantly fall in love with one another. Pisces and Capricorn are most compatible in the zodiac sign, they where made for one another!

Pisces and Aquarius
Pisces and Aquarius will have a hip and modern relationship. Aquarius is a sign that doesn’t care what others have to say and Pisces will admire this about Aquarius. Both will love to travel and do inventive things together. However, this relationship will last longer if Aquarius learns to meet Pisces emotional needs.

Pisces and Pisces
Pisces and Pisces will have a deep love connection. These two can talk for hours and will be always wanting to be with one another. Their is great romance in this relationship and emotion. This relationship will work out if these two fishes are at the right place, right circumstance, and right time in life.