January 2019  Monthly Reading

Pisces – Four of Wands

Pisces, this will be indeed a joyful month for you. A new individual from your past, an old friend, a distant family member, someone you know who is oversees, will come in connection with you. A visitation is seen and beauty will surround your entire month. Be very joyful this month and better things will come to you with that mood!

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Pisces August 2018 Horoscope – The Star Tarot Draw

Pisces, in August you must have faith that things are going to work out this month and they will certainly be on your side. The universe has planned something very special for you. Acknowledge the beauty of the stars at night and the small signs that appear before you. You need to nurture your goals and place them into action. In love, career, and family life, you must have hope. There are good things coming to you, but you must first place good vibrations into the universe in order to receive those good vibrations back! Be happy and don’t stress out! Have a hopeful month in August Pisces!

Pisces, this month will bring you decision, comfort, and news. Chances are that you will be in search of something or between 2 different routes in your life. This is a month that will require a decision to be made. If you have too many things on your plate, you may need to juggle things around, but ultimately, you need to make final decision and prioritize what is most important to you. This month also indicates adventure, financial increase, overseas news, and offers! Have a decisive month Pisces!

Pisces November 2017 Horoscope

Pisces, the month of November will bring you wisdom, mystery, and spirituality. You are a sign that is very compassionate of others. In November, you may be trying to find the truth about something you have been longing for.The answer will come to you in a mysterious way, but you must allow yourself to accept the mystery into your life. Something will open the doors for you in the month of November. This is a great time for buying something new, love, marriage, and a lifelong commitment to something or someone. Have a guiding month Pisces!

Pisces August 2017 Horoscope

Pisces, the month of August will allow you to show your nice side to others. Your good work won’t go unpaid. Allow yourself to have even more faith this month and everything will turn out perfect.

Pisces July 2017 Horoscope

The month of July indicates immediate action, travel, and decisions. Pisces, you are one who loves to fantasize, but this month you need to really focus on a task in hand. Your focus and attention is needed. This focus needed may fall under the topic of love, business, legal issues, or family. Your communication needs to be very fast and you must understand to never procrastinate with anything that comes at you. Pisces, the faster you are this month and the harder you work, the better result you will have!

Pisces June 2017 Horoscope

Pisces, the month of June will open up your intuition and psyche. Everything happens for a reason, and with that said, you must use what you have given. Trust your intuition to see how you can handle things in life. You have a great capability of teaching and learning this month. You will be away to stray away from fantasy and at the same time, tap into your feelings. Allow your emotions and intuitions to guide you for the month of June!

Pisces April 2017 Horoscope Message

Pisces, believe that you can achieve your dreams and you will.

Pisces March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Pisces, the month of March will bring you unpredictability and adventure. You are about to embark on a journey. Remember that throughout the month of March, you must be fully committed to yourself. Express your emotions as much as possible and have no regret. It’s time to be carefree and remove the fear from life. You have an innocent vibration surrounding you Pisces for March!

Pisces February 2017 Monthly Horoscope – Ten of Wands

Pisces, the month of February will bring you harmony and guidance.This month, you will have very satisfying situations occur. Something this month will change the way you function on a day to day basis. All vibrations are positive for you. Business is fast moving and your love life will be pretty steady. Your home situation will improve tremendously and you will find yourself feeling just a bit more protected. Have a peaceful month Pisces!

Pisces January 2017 Monthly Horoscope – Ten of Wands

Pisces, the month of January will bring you guidance and art. Allow yourself for channeling the positive vibrations that surround you. Acknowledge your dreams and know that you have someone watching over you. This is a great month to be productive and participate in new events. You have power on your side. Have a great month Pisces!

Pisces December 2016 Monthly Horoscope – Ten of Wands

Pisces, the month of December will feel as if you have a hard time seeing far into the future. You must ensure yourself to stay calm and stay on track with your personal goals as much as you can. This period you may see some barriers ahead,but they are only temporary. Don’t let small things get to you. If you focus on yourself, everything will surely turn out great. Have a progressive month Pisces!

Pisces November 2016 Monthly Horoscope – The Hanged Man

Pisces, the month of November will a unique perspective in life. Pisces, you may find yourself taking a notice on other people’s lives. Time may seem to be going by fast and temporary delays may be on your route,but nothing too big to harm you. You must get obstacles step by step and take another view at life from a different perspective. You are still in the process of growth. Have a unique month Pisces!

Pisces October Monthly Horoscope -Page of Wands

Pisces, the month of October will bring you new paths and experiences. Pisces, you must take a chance and learn to explore all aspects of a situation in order to succeed in your dreams. Its time to make you fantasies a reality and go out to an explorative journey. Behold no fear in your heart. Forget about your past betrayals and start new with yourself. Have an adventurous month Pisces!

Pisces September Monthly Horoscope – Three of Pentacles

Pisces, the month of September will bring you great labor and good payoffs. You want something. That something may be a great career or a great love life. This is the month that you can make it happen, but you must not fall into the land of daydreams and you must go into the world. You have the power to create your foundation this month. Do everything you can to reach your goal as you have all the tools in hand. The study, Project, Meet, and Create as much as you can is September!

Pisces August 2016 Monthly Horoscope – Three of Cups

Pisces, the month of August will be one to remember! You have something very good coming your way. This can be something that you have worked very hard for and envisioned almost all your life. Joy will fill your heart. Health is great. A compromise is seen and your problems will be unexpectedly solved! Have a glorious month Pisces!

Pisces July 2016 Monthly Horoscope – Nine of Wands

Pisces, the month of July will bring you your drive back! You may have been back and forth with something in your life. You may have found yourself to switch over from one life goal to another and now you will find a solid base. You will find the meaning of what you have been looking for and you will be committed to that. Have a great month Pisces and keep your head up high as the future is looking amazing for you!

Pisces June 2016 Monthly Horoscope -Seven of Swords

Pisces, the month of June will bring you a new lifestyle change. Pisces, this new change in your life will put on you a different path. This month you may be moving into a different home, a new relationship, new job or changing up your habits. You may be removing old friends from your life and starting out on a new wave. Be aware of some individuals that may try to push you over or misuse your kindness in a situation. Have faith in yourself and you will lead a successful future!

Pisces May 2016 Monthly Horoscope -Strength

Pisces, the month of May will bring you Strength. Remember to always keep your head up in any situation. Things may have been a little unstable in the past and this may have thrown you off a bit. Its time to dig down deep this month. Find out what you really want out of your life and what you are doing now. Find that inner force within yourself and rise above all your obstacles. Don’t be afraid of anything, learn to face all your fears head on and you will be renewed. Have a golden month Pisces!

Pisces, the month of April will bring you hope. When everything feels like its moving around you and you may feel stuck at times, you must notice your small sphere and acknowledge it. No one has ever won in life without believing that they would win. Value yourself and your work. You will be guided in the right direction this month no matter what decisions you make. Have a great month Pisces!

Pisces March 2016 Horoscope

Pisces, this month the Eight of Pentacles was drawn for you. This card indicate that you will have a very productive month ahead. Your hard work is now showing. This month you will see yourself communicating with others and working very hard towards your goals. You will be filled with creativity,intuition, and endurance. This is the time to build your future Pisces! You will receive what you most desire by your hard work, don’t stop!

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Read your tarot draw for the month of February 2016. Pisces- Five of Swords

Pisces, this month will highlight a certain group problem for you. During the process of a fight/competition, you may lose a friend on the way. If you are faced with problems, make sure that you have all your facts gathered. Believe in your self and you will be lead to success this month.

January 2016 Monthly Horoscope. January 2016 Tarot Draw for Pisces: The Star

Pisces, the Month of January 2016 will bring you amazing accomplishments. You will find out what you are truly meant to do in life. You will be at peace with a situation. The stars are pointed in the right direction for you. You will be able to accomplish something that you have wanted to do for a long time. Trust your intuition and it will guide you on the right path.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Read your tarot draw for the month of December 2015. Pisces- Knight of Wands

Pisces, this month indicates something very importance that will have great meaning to you is coming your way. The Knight of Wands is a young man that is fearless riding a horse with a determination to go on this path. He will influence or may represent you during this month. There is a certain timeframe,something fast, and even unexpected that will come your way this month. Hold your head up high Pisces and let your intuition, intellect, and impulse guide you.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope Read your tarot draw for the month of November 2015. Pisces- Wheel of Fortune

Pisces, this month will be a ride for you! This will be a crazy ride,but one that you will have the wheel in your hands. You have the power this month to make your wildest dreams come true, or you may do the opposite. A big change is indicated this month. If an opportunity comes your way, you must act on it fast. Don’t procrastinate the days of November by you. Believe in yourself and what it is that you want to reach this month as November will be your window of opportunity and the power will be in your hands!

Read your tarot draw for the month of September to October 2015 – Pisces- Nine of Pentacles

Pisces, for the month of September through October you will have a moment that will impact your entire life. You will blossom into a new and better presence of your self. This growth will increase the aspect of your life where you want to be more acknowledged in. This month you will be indulged in your luxuries, self beauty,love, and goals.

August Horoscope 2015

Read your Tarot Draw for the month of August 2015 – Pisces – Knight of Swords

Pisces, August will be a good month for you,but there are somethings you need to look out for. The Knight of Swords, shows a young man on a horse charging a head with a sword in his hand. You definitely have the determination needed this month. There are things that you deeply believe in, morals, life plans, and this is the month where you are very dynamic about this. However, taking time in account here, you have to learn how to be less harsh and more strategic in all your efforts this month. There is no doubt that you are very head strong about your opinions and sometimes that can make you seem somehow immature. Allow this month to be more openminded about what others have to say, avoid arguments, and when taking things head on this month remember to always be knowing of the other end before. Have a great month Pisces!

July Horoscope

Read your Tarot Draw for the month of July 2015 – Pisces

Tarot Draw – The Empress

Pisces, a female will play a major role for you this month. She may be symbolizing you if you are a Pisces female. If you are a male she may symbolize your mother, lover, boss, or friend. This women is very successful and very powerful. You have the ability this month to make anything you want happen. This month is seen to have financial prosperity and very good luck in store for you Pisceans! Trust yourself an,work hard, stay calm,stay one, and be instinctive!

April Aquarius Tarot Horoscope

Tarot Card Draw:

Nine of Wands

Pisces, you have the same ‘tarot’ card as Capricorn and for you this will be the moment that will be very close to achieving something. Just keep moving ahead with focus and determination. If things make not seem so clear or your not getting straight forward answers, just keep moving forward, and the result that you want will likely turn out in the end. You are very close to success, defeat small obstacles ahead and they will be soon overshadowed by a golden light of success in all ways that you have desired.