Scorpio and Aries
Scorpio and Aries make for a daring couple. These two won’t be afraid of doing things that will get both of them in trouble. Their risk taking ways may put them in unsafe situations at times, but they will have a lot of fun throughout the relationship. For Scorpio and Aries to last in the relationship, they must both take things much more seriously and create memorable memories together.

Scorpio and Taurus
Scorpio and Taurus will have an intense relationship. This is not the best love combo because the relationship can lead to a high intensity and things may get very hectic. These zodiac signs must learn how to keep sane in the relationship. Taurus is one who is shy at times and Scorpio is the opposite. Taurus can learn from Scorpios determination, but to do this and to make the relationship work, Taurus must be open to change.

Scorpio and Gemini
Scorpios are very dramatic signs and they go after what they want. Gemini’s are very trendy, artsy, and adaptable signs. These two signs together can be a great match if they learn to respect one another and not become too controlling the relationship. This relationship will work out if their is commitment and a lengthy time of that commitment.

Scorpio and Cancer
In an honest relationship where Scorpio and Cancer fall for one another, there will signs of validation there and the relationship will seem very devoted. Cancer is known to be very honest and emotional. Scorpion isn’t as emotional in the relationship and may use Cancer’s good faith to an advantage at times. This relationship will last if both Scorpio and Cancer are both vocal and honest about their feelings in the love partnership.

Scorpio and Leo
Scorpio and Leo will be very controlling of one another, in a good way. Scorpio will admire Leo’s courage to always be in the spotlight and Leo will admire Scorpios strong determination to get a project accomplished. These two will have an electrifying love life and they will be very protective over one another.

Scorpio and Virgo
Scorpio and Virgo in a relationship will grow and become understanding with one another over time. Instant attraction will fuel this relationship from the start. Virgo is known to be a sign that works for the reward and disciple, Scorpio will admire this quality in Virgo. This relationship will work if these 2 signs learn how to adapt to one another’s daily habits.

Scorpio and Libra
Scorpio and Libra will have a very fast relationship. Libra is a sign that loves balance and Scorpio is a sign that is known for charging ahead. These two signs will have an affectionate relationship. For this relationship to work out, these 2 signs must learn how to have more fun with one another and to be embarrassed to show there inner child.

Scorpio and Scorpio
Scorpio and Scorpio will have an uncontrollable obsession with one another. Their love relationship will be fueled by love, anger, passion, and aggression. Scorpio an Scorpio love match can be very extreme both good and bad. They must learn how to find a balance in between them to have a normal relationship.

Scorpio and Sagittarius
Scorpio and Sagittarius will both feel secure in the relationship. Their is great chemistry and passion between Scorpio and Sagittarius. At times, there needs to be more trust in the relationship. This relationship will work out if these 2 signs don’t act stubborn with one another for things that aren’t meaningful.

Scorpio and Capricorn
Scorpio and Capricorn are a controversial pair. In love, Scorpio and Capricorn will for a friendship before a deep and passionate love relationship. They will be interested in one another and curious to speak to one another throughout the day. This relationship will last longer if these 2 zodiac sign learn to connect with one another on a much more personal level.

Scorpio and Aquarius
Scorpio and Aquarius call for a unique compatibility love match. They will be intrigued with one another. They will be fearless and affectionate. Scorpio and Aquarius will learn from one another in the relationship and their love relationship will be very physical. This love relationship will work out if they learn to communicate more with one another.

Scorpio and Pisces
Scorpio and Pisces may meet in a mysterious way and enjoy each others presence. At times, this relationship may have miscommunications. Pisces is a zodiac sign that takes things very seriously and Scorpio does not take what Pisces takes too serious. This relationship will last if feelings are not ignored.