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Learn more information about astrological zodiac sign Virgo. Discover Virgo sign dates, element, color, day, symbolic animal, mythology, personality, and ruling planet below.

Dates: What month is Virgo Born in?: August 23 - September 22

Element: Earth

Color: Blue

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Symbolism: The Virgin

Ruled by: Mercury

About Zodiac Sign Virgo Personality: Virgo is the 6th zodiac sign in astrology.Virgo is known to be one of the most calculated and responsible signs of the zodiac. Virgo is an amazing worker and always strives to do the best when it comes to any obligation. A Virgo must always try to find in between for self expression and internal reflecting.

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Zodiac Sign Virgo Horoscope

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Want to know a deeper meaning to your zodiac sign and life purpose? Check out Mystic 'Your Sign'

Virgo Mythology

During the Golden Ages, Gods and regular humans lived very close to on another and knew of each other. The Greeks believed that women were the source of conflict and evil. Zeus, being a very harsh God thought that Humans were very low creatures so he did punish some of them for their actions. One day Zeus decided to chain Prometheus at the top of a mountain and leave him there forever. However, that wasn't the end of Zeus's punishment, he sent down a female named Pandora. Pandora had a box which was called 'Pandoras Box' which was filled everything that would destroy humanity. As she released this demons the last one to leave was Astraea (Zeus's Daughter). Astrea was known as the virgin. She was placed in the heavens and legend says she watches below for the chance when she will be ready for a grand return. Pricus

Virgo Famous Celeb Birthdays

Pink Born: September 8,1979 in Pennsylvania.

Cameron Diaz Born: August 30,1972 in California.

Flo Rida Born: September 16,1979 in Florida.

Michael Jackson Born: August 29,1958 in Indiana.

Beyonce Knowles Born: September 4,1981 in Texas.

Adam Sandler Born: September 9,1966 in New York.

Virgo Daily Inspirational Quote: “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – E. E. Cummings